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Jeada Profile and Facts

Jeada Profile and Facts

Jeada is the most famous Sakha rapper, one of the founders of Sakha rap, and an actor. He debuted with the album “Мин Сахабын” (“I’m a Sakha”) in summer 2003.

Jeada SNS:
Instagram: @jeedda1
X (Twitter): @sausdella

Stage Names: Jeada (Джида) / Saas Ustar (Саас Устар) / Jeedda
Birth Name: Yegor Mikhailovich Vasiliyev (Егор Михайлович Васильев)
Birthday: September 15, 1988
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
MBTI Type: I—

Jeada Facts:
– He was born and raised in Maiya village, Meghino-Kangalasski district, Yakut ASSR, RSFSR.
– Family: adoptive parents, older sister.
– He is married and has three children.
– College education: he studied at Yakutsk State University for one year, then he moved to Herzen University (graduated).
– His personality is shy and self-critical.
– His adoptive parents are retired teachers. Many of his relatives are also teachers.
– He thinks a lot on if he would not have been abandoned by his real parents.
– He met his biological mother but had not a chance to see his father.
– His adoptive mother still tries to forbid him rapping.
– He says he could forgive any misdeed by his friend or relative.
– He can play guitar, drums and sequencer.
– What he values in his life is his possibility to realize his thoughts and his people who are helping him.
– He wears glasses as he is nearsighted.
– His favorite singer is Zemfira.
– He judges other artists only by their works, not their words.
– He doesn’t take orders on night performances because he values sleeping.
– For attending foreign singers’ concerts, he went to Toto Cutugno’s and Linkin Park’s.
– He thinks that happiness is when he is with his family, eating and sleeping well.
– His religion is Orthodox Christianity.
– He has never attended rap battles, yet he released one diss track.
– When he producing a track, he inspired by anticipation of success of a future track.
– As he says, he as Jeedda is like more professional and mature than amateur and youthul Jeada.
– His favorite school subject was History and Russian language.
– His favorite literature genre is adventure.
– For reading he recommends Herman Hesse’s Der Steppenwolf, Boris Vian’s L’Écume des jours, and Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.
– He is concerned about Sakha people language, that it might perish.
– He doesn’t like his MVs except for one with Q’nei.
– At school he attended activities in art and participated in regional art contests.
– After that he attended music school where he became part of an orchestra as a drummer.
– He began writing poems in grade 6.
– He made his debut song at summer holiday after finishing 6th grade of school.
– He was part of Street Flame rap crew in 2002. He produced a Russian album with them.
– His rap crew then renamed to Bliznetsy Dvoinaya Improvizatsiya and at the end it became Danketsy (a deriviation from Japanese word ‘danketsu’ meaning ‘a group’).
– He recorded his debut track with rapper Safe, who was at that time a member of Nochnaya Smena rap crew, and people thought Safe made it. When it had become popular, it showed that track was in fact made by a school boy and was tried to be forbidden to be played to radio stations.
– From debut and until school graduation he had participated in republican singing contests.
– He was a president in his school.
– He wrote score tracks for the movie Көҥүл Боотурдар (Hire Swords).
– He had his first solo concert in 2005.
– He was living in Saint Petersburg from 2007 to 2012.
– In 2010 he launched Wazimular project, where he wrote tracks about madness and duality of a person.
– At the senior year of college education he moved to individual timetable due to busy schedule.
– His second stage name Saas Ustar is in fact the name of his studio album, which was released in 2014. On the cover it didn’t have “Jeada” on it, so people thought he changed his stage name. Jeada was interested at that phenomenon and let it go.
– He used to organize a specialized school for boys Jeedda Junior and kindergarten Union in Yakutsk.
– His school Jeedda Junior rose from the idea of rap summer camp.
– He is a youth representative in Sakha Republic.
– He is also a stockholder of a barber shop.

Jeada Filmography:
– Далаһа устун уҥуор (Way On Wire / Bay of Hope) (2007) – cameo
– Эт (Meat/Say It) (2023) – road inspector Vitaliy Pripuzov (Sketch 6)
– Саҥа күн (A New Day) (2023) – Yegor, a man with hearing issues

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