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Serge Profile and Facts

Serge Profile and Facts

Serge is a Sakha singer-songwriter and professional dancer under Oiuu Music. He debuted with the single “21 ҮЙЭ” (“21st Century”) on September 9, 2018 under ZAVOD.

Stage Name: Serge (Серж)
Birth Name: Sergei Sofronovich Sidorov (Сергей Софронович Сидоров)
Birthday: November 14, 2002
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse
Height: —
Weight: —
MBTI Type: E—

Serge Facts:
– He is from Yakutsk.
– He has three brothers.
– His parents are divorced since 2018.
– School education: Aiyy Kyhata National Gymnasium.
– College education: Ammosov NEFU, Faculty of Philology, Department of Russian-English Pedagogy (withdrawn).
– He is also a sound designer and arranger.
– He can dance many styles, but the main one is popping.
– He was a backup dancer for many Russian singers and FIFA 2018.
– When he was dancing on FIFA 2018, he had a chance to talk to Will Smith.
– He is a winner of several hip-hop and popping contests.
– He was part of ZAVOD from 2014. His stage name back then was Sergo.
– His main feature was blond dreadlocks, which he cut after he went independent.
– He used to train in freestyle wrestling by his environment telling it. He dropped it after a while to switch to dancing.
– He watched a lot of ZAVOD dance performances before joining it.
– He has a crown tattoo above his left brow by his manager’s order in the age of 14. His mother easily gave acceptance to it.
– He got his stage name after one character from a YouTube show.
– He prefers: popping to hip-hop, intelligence to charisma, comedy movies to horror ones, future to past, rap to reggae, urban life to rural.
– He trained his vocals under tuition of Sakha rapper and reggae singer Kitjah. He released his debut track with him.
– He has a girlfriend, who is a dance teacher at YDCenter in Yakutsk. She was his former classmate, but at school they did not talk to each other.
– When given a chance he would like to live in Los Angeles and to play any role in a movie.
– He can imitate animals making noises.

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