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Karin (ALICE) Profile and Facts

Karin (ALICE) Profile and Facts

Karin (가린) is a member of the South Korean girl group ALICE.

Stage Name: Karin (가린)
Birth Name: Min Ka-rin (민가린)
Birthday: January 5, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Symbol: Forest
Instagram: quokka.rin

Karin Facts:
– Her hometown is Busan, South Korea.
– She is an only child.
– Karin used to host a variety show for teenagers, on an educational broadcasting station.
– Her educations includes: SOPA and Dongduk Women’s University (Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment)
– One of her nicknames is Margaret because of a cookie.
– Her position in ALICE is as Lead Vocalist, Rapper, and Maknae.
– She is under IOK Company.
– There isn’t anything she does not eat well.
– Out of all the members, she eats the most. (From the self-introductions on ANIRANG K-POP channel)
– Everyday she drinks 1 liter of milk.
– She is the youngest but the tallest member of ALICE.
– Karin enjoys eating ice cream right after eating tteokbokki.
– She loves chicken so much that she would love to film a chicken commercial someday.
– Karin was deemed the strongest member. (The Show Interview)
– Karin once recorded a commercial for a video game.
– She is ALICE’s ‘Youngest Daughter’.
– She likes to tease the other members, but they also enjoy teasing her back.
– She cried at ALICE’s debut showcase.
– She would like to do a mukbang program with the other members.
– She can make any food look delicious.
– The members say that even though she is the youngest, she seems like an older sister.
– Her favorite unnie is Hyeseong, because they have a similar sense of humor.
– She is a part of the original ALICE lineup.
Bella said that Karin is the worst dancer in ALICE.
– She was a contestant on Kpop Star 6, but she was eliminated fairly early.
– While on Kpop Star 6 she was promoted by JYP Entertainment.
– She views Bella like a mother.
– If she could have a super power it would be the ability to control time.
– It took her a year to get close to the other members because of her age, and because she has a distant expression.
– She has a talent of imitating different characters such as: Mr. Crab from SpongeBob, Doraemon, etc.
– Her favorite song on ‘Summer Dream’ album is “Summer Dream”.
– If all the other members were boys, and she had to date one, she would choose Hyeseong.
– Karin acted in Yesung of Super Junior‘s “Paper Umbrella” MV and in Romeo’s “Without U” MV.
– She also appeared in Sunny Hills “Goodbye to Romance” MV.
– Karin auditioned to be a contestant on MixNine, but she didn’t pass.
– In 2019 Karin and Yukyung acted in the web drama series “True Ending”.

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