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Song (iKon) Profile and Facts; Song’s Ideal Type

Song (iKon) Profile and Facts; Song’s Ideal Type
Song 2018 iKon
Stage Name: Song (송)(formerly known as Yunhyeong)
Birth Name: Song Yoon Hyung (송윤형)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Center, Visual
Birthday: February 8, 1995
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @sssong_yh

Song facts:
– He was born in Seoul, South Korea
– Nicknames: Song Prince and Song Chef
– Has an younger sister named Song Eunjin and she is an ulzzang.
– He was a part of Team B on WIN.
– His family owns a bbq shop.
– He enjoys cycling.
– He likes drawing. (Konic tv)
– Song has picked up a new hobby: Making scented candles
– He is good at cooking.
– The members said he is not funny. (Profile wrote by the members – Arirang TV)
– He originally wanted to be an actor, but YG encouraged him to take vocal lessons.
– He is iKon’s most mischievous member.
– He likes to make selfies.
– He admirers Justin Timberlake.
– He is the closest with B.I and Jinhwan.
– The members said that when he eats, he has to eat the same amount of rice and side dishes. (Arirang TV)
– The members said that Yunhyeong is good at making fun of others, but hates being made fun of. (Arirang TV)
– He was described as a careful planner that doesn’t take it well if something doesn’t go accordingly to what he planned. (Arirang TV)
– Yunhyeong (Song) packs the neatest/quickest.
– iKon have moved out of their dorms and now live in 2 seperate houses, each member having their own room.
“Clean members” House: BI, Chan & Song
– Out of the cast of Knowing Bros he wanted to meet Youngchul the most because he can relate to him because they both get teased a lot
– He was on the show “Law of the jungle” in October 2017 and likes to talk about it a lot.
– BI said he’s quite the pervert and Song agreed because he got a lot of strange habits. (ikonic tv)
– Doni and Coni and the members said he’s an attention seeker. (Weekly idol ep 341 + konic tv)
– In February 2019 he was involved in a dating scandal with Momoland‘s Daisy. Momoland’s company confirmed the dating news while YG denied them.
Song’s ideal type is a girl older than him.

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  • Shravya

    Some recent facts about Song!
    He can touch the high notes easily.
    As he came into the group as an ameture singer and dancer, he is the most hardworking member.
    Although, he doesn’t crack jokes, he can lighten up the mood and can make the members laugh due to his sillyness.
    The members joke about him being a celebrity a lot.

  • so cute😘

  • Dwightkester Bautista Quecan

    Where does he live in South Korea

  • CKYMLAforLS2

    Starring back our Song Prince and Song Chef in Chanwoo-ah’s UTube channel…아싸 Yay! Christmas came early! 아이콘사랑해! I love iKON! 🎇 🎇 😄 #찬우 #CHANWOO #찬우살이 #인기가요샌드위치


  • Kim Jong Dae’s Wife <3

    i was just curious his mom was look like a filipina. her face was look like a filipina .. well I just curious 😀

  • HJW 24/7

    Is there any video when he says he is the closest with BI and Jinan? Where is it from?

  • Aditi

    ideal type is someone older than him but he’s dating someone 4 years younger 😂

  • Mee

    YG denied that he was dating Daisy.

  • kayoruka

    he has a youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFcTm68PF0OQbr3JwX_SRsw/featured
    his most recent upload as of today is a tutorial on how to cook jjajangmyeon^^