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Hyunsuk (TREASURE) Profile

Choi Hyunsuk (TREASURE) Profile and Facts

Choi Hyunsuk (현석) is a member of TREASURE under YG Entertainment.

Stage Name: Choi Hyunsuk (현석)
Birth Name: Choi Hyun Suk (최현석)
English Name: Daniel Choi
Birthday: April 21, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 171 cm (5’7”)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Former Unit: Treasure

Choi Hyunsuk Facts:
– He is from Daegu, South Korea.
– Hyunsuk trained for 5 years (as of July 2020).
– He attended Seoul Eonbuk University and Eonju Middle School.
– He passed his high school through High School Graduation Academic Proficiency Test.
– He has a younger sister and brother.
– He loves to collects lip balms.
– He passed the audition for YG with V-Spec Academy.
– Favourite colour: Purple.
– Inspirations: Zico, Suga, Bobby, GD, B.I, Mino.
– He is a fan of Seo Yeji (Star Road Interview)
– His favorite football team is Real Madrid (Treasure PR Video)
– He likes Black Panther, Spider-man, Nova, and Deadpool (Treasure PR Video)
– He collects football jerseys.
– He doesn’t care about name brands.
– Hyunsuk was voted as the most fashionable among the Treasure Box trainees.
– He has also appeared as a featured artist on the song “1, 2 (한두번)” by Lee Hi in 2019.
– He also likes to eat burgers, nickname: Choi Burger (Treasure TMI EP2)
– When he was still young he was told he would grow up to 187 cm (Newsade Interview Profile)
– His trademark 7Chill has a meaning behind it. 7 in Korean pronounces “chil”, birthday April 21st (4/21) 2+1+4=7, 7 was the first number he got when he first played football and also he was the 7th member. (VLIVE Birthday)
– Hyunsuk compose songs.
– His dream was always to debut under YG because he thinks it’s a place where he can fulfill his dreams.
– His English Name is Danny
– He used to be a MIXNINE trainee but ranked 5th since the debut got canceled.
– Hyunsuk is the only TREASURE member who was born in the ’90s.
– He dislikes black bean sauce
– Hyunsuk started rapping while he watched Big Bang and became fascinated by it.
– Trained for 5 years (July 2020)
– Describes himself as “Big Appetite”, “Fashionista”,  and “Newbie”
– In his introduction video he had performed “Humble”
– Hyunsuk is the last member announced for Treasure
– He knows how to write songs and compose them.
– Toy Story was the first movie he ever watched.
– He doesn’t like black bean sauce ramen.
– His nicknames are Saetbyeolee, Ddaengi, Hyeongu, Tinky Winky, King of Emotions (because he gets emotional easily), and The Strongest (which is a nickname given by Junghwan).
– His childhood dream was to be a singer or a soccer player.
– His favourite Marvel Superhero is Black Panther.
– He likes Marvel Cinematic Universal movies, and Disney movies.
– Spring, fall and winter are Hyunsuk’s favourite seasons of the year.
– Hyunsuk is like the “mother” figure of TREASURE.
– He likes to be the maknae of the group.
– TRUZ Character: Chilli
– His fandom name is Skies.
– Hyunsuk spends most of his free time working on music or relaxing with it.
– He has an organized schedule and he knows what to do with every single minute.
– He likes coffee.
-He can’t eat sujebi, kalguksu, tomatoes, and eggs.
-Hyunsuk and Mashiho are among the shortest members in TREASURE.
– Hyunsuk loves re-watching soccer game highlights.
– He spends more time trying out outfits and shops online and unboxes stuff when at home.
– He works on music “from evening until dawn” and tends to sleep less often than most people.
– He wakes up between 11AM and 12PM. (T-MAP Episode 32)
– His favorite number is 7.
– According to him, the entire 24 hours aren’t enough to work on his songs.
– Hyunsuk used a pig emoticon to symbolize himself. Now he is using a hedgehog emoticon.
– His shoe size is 270 mm.
– He is working at the A-1 studio at YG’s new building and uses Steinberg Cubase to compose songs.
– He has participated in songwriting and composing for almost every song of TREASURE.
– He likes having a collection of character figures from Marvel, Disney, and Pixar.
– He doesn’t really enjoy eating instant ramen.
– Hyunsuk is very interested in fashion and accessories.
– His favorite brand is MARINE SERRE.
– Iced Americano is Hyunsuk’d favourite beverage.

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