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Halsoon Profile and Facts

Halsoon Profile & Facts

Halsoon (할순) is a South Korean singer and rapper who debuted with “Rain” in 2021.

Stage Name : Halsoon (할순)
Birth Name : Kim Tae Yong (김태용)
Birthday : June 25, 2000 (Legally 24 June)
Hobby : Playing LOL (League Of Legends)
Instagram : xodyd5899
Soundcloud : Halsoon
Genre : Rap/Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB
Label : N/A
Crew : N/A

Halsoon Facts :
– Halsoon started his music and released Vacation on his Soundcloud in 2020.
– Halsoon wants people remember him as a K-pop artist.
– Many people think K-pop is just Korean Idol’s, so Halsoon want to let people know that K-pop artists are not just Idols.
– He’s from Bucheon, South Korea.
– The stage name “Halsoon” comes from a restaurant’s name which is popular in Korea, the name of the restaurant is “Halmae Soondae Gook”.
– Because he really liked the food at this restaurant, that’s why he used it and shortened it to Halsoon.
– He likes Geeks especially Lil Boi , but now he really likes Skinny Brown and  Big Bang especially G-Dragon.
– His favorite song is Flower Road (꽃 길) by Big Bang.
– Halsoon love music since he was young.
– He really likes Lil Boi and G-Dragon, he wants to be like them, so he decided to rap.
– Halsoon studying in Sejong Campus of Korea University. Majoring Chinese.
– His favorite movies are “Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back” and “Your Name”.
– He likes the color black.
–  Before rain,he already has pre-debut songs “Player” with NB and “Sing This Song” with Puer on the Time Buyer EP directed by TimeFeveR.
– Of all the songs on his Soundcloud, Hasoon really likes ” 내가 내일 떠난다면
– Halsoon covered “ Ash Island – Beautiful (feat. Skinny Brown) ” and he uploaded it on his Soundcloud.
– He took 2 years to make 난 참아야해. But he usually spends 2 weeks for make some songs.
– His fastest time when making a song just 4 hours.

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