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GIRLSGIRLS: Where Are They Now?

GIRLSGIRLS: Where Are They Now?

GIRLSGIRLS (여자여자) was a girl group that debuted on December 9, 2015, and quietly disbanded in 2019. Here are what they are up to now!


Stage Name: Bori (보리)
Birth Name: Kim Su-young (김수영)
Instagram: s2__kim
YouTube: it’Su

— Bori opened a YouTube channel in 2021 and began posting vocal and dance covers


Stage Name: Gyurang (규랑)
Birth Name: Kim Gyu-rang (김규랑)
Twitter: budy_official
Instagram: budy_48
YouTube: BUDY 버디

— Gyurang signed with Slow Town Music and is now active as a soloist, using the stage name BUDY. She debuted on March 14, 2019


Stage Name: Rina (리나)
Birth Name: Lee Min-ji (이민지)
Instagram: minji_zzang05199

— Rina doesn’t seem to be active in the industry anymore but is really active on Instagram, where she posts content on her own and with her boyfriend, a man named Lim Taekyu


Stage Name: Aryoung (아령)
Birth Name: Lee A-ryoung (이아령)

— As of 2021, nothing is known about Aryoung‘s whereabouts


Stage Name: Miso (미소)
Birth Name: Kim Mi-so (김미소)
Instagram: miso_mmss / miso_official_
YouTube: 미소데이 MISO DAY
Daum Café: msofficial
VLive: MiSO

— Miso is still signed with H Brothers Entertainment (which has since changed its name to DOUBLE Entertainment) and is now focusing on her solo career

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