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‘The First Step : Treasure Effect’ (TREASURE) Album Info

The First Step : Treasure Effect (TREASURE) Album Info

The First Step: Treasure Effect
is the 1st full album by TREASURE. It was released on January 11, 2021 with the song “My Treasure” which was the title track of the album. The album contains 12 tracks.

Type: Studio
Released: January 11, 2021
Genre: Dance, pop, rap, hip-hop, ballad
Length: 34:12 (digital)
Label: YG Entertainment

1. My Treasure
2. Be With Me (나랑 있자)
3. Slowmotion
4. Boy
5. Come To Me (들어와)
6. I Love You (사랑해)
7. B.L.T (Bling Like This)
8. MMM (음)
9. Orange (주황색)
10. Going Crazy (미져가네)
11. I Love You (사랑해) (Piano ver.) | (CD only)
12. MMM (음) (Rock ver.) | (CD only)

Video Links:
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Concept Teaser
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MV Teaser
“My Treasure” Music Video
“My Treasure” MV Behind The Scenes
“My Treasure” MV Reaction
“My Treasure” Fanchant

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