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I burn (G)I-DLE Album Info

I burn

I burn 
is the fourth mini album by (G)I-DLE. It was released on January 11, 2021.

Type: Mini album / Extended Play (EP)
Artist: (G)I-DLE
Release: January 11, 2021
Label: Cube Entertainment
Recorded: 2020
Producer: Soyeon

Some facts:
– The physical album is available in three versions: WinterFlower, and Fire.
– (G)I-DLE released their 4th Mini Album (I burn) signalling the start of their return. This comeback has shown a change in style, with the change of scenery with a heart-aching breakup song on top of Eastern instrument sounds.

– The album [I burn] began with a thought: ‘Breakup is not over until it’s completely forgotten‘. It depicts a story of mixed emotions one may go through in the process of parting and finding happiness again. As ‘my‘ story begins with burned heart by painful breakup, the album ends by showing although these scars may hurt me, they make me to glow and bloom a red flower.

– As the name and the lyrics of the title track ‘HWAA‘ depict, (G)I-DLE sings the pain of love by using blazing fire and beautiful flower as metaphors. The listeners will picture a frosty, white snowfield, a flame blazing up from a distance, and a radiant flower blooming underneath in front of their eyes as they listen to the track. Another collaboration from the group’s leader Soyeon and composer Pop Time, ‘HWAA‘ catches the ears by its addictive hook and lyrics with dramatic emotional changes.

– Three versions of visual concepts portraying the emotional shift from the scars of a separation to returning to a state of full bloom reaffirm (G)I-DLE as ‘Conceptual queens‘. Using ‘Winter‘ as a metaphor for the pain from separation, the pain is burned by the ‘Fire‘, and blooms a ‘Flower‘ at the end, these conceptual keywords and stories are blended to create overall vibe for visual pleasure. Not only did (G)I-DLE drew enthusiastic responses from the audience for perfectly pulling off the freezing and lonesome image of winter, the swaying and spreading image of fire, and beautiful yet stinging image of flower, but they also revealed refined acting skills in the music video as a pleasant surprise.

– (G)I-DLE participated in lyrics and writing of all tracks of this album and established themselves as incomparable, self-produced artists with their own unique music and concept. Join in on (G)I-DLE‘s journey for 2021, as they will stir up a hype and continue paving the way to a genre of their own.

Track listing:

  1. HANN (Alone in winter)
  2. HWAA
  3. MOON
  4. Where is love
  5. LOST

Video Links:
Music Video
Visual Film
Visual Film Behind the scenes
Typography Motion Teaser
Concept Preview
Audio Snippet
M/V Teaser 1
M/V Teaser 2

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