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Girls On Fire (G.O.F) Album Info

Girls On Fire (G.O.F) Album Info

Girls On Fire is the debut album of the Taiwanese Girl Group G.O.F. The Digital Album was released On September 5, 2020, with the physical one released on September 29, 2020, the album has no title track. All the songs on
the album were from the survival show group, Blaze Love, but the songs were re-dubbed and re-recorded by G.O.F.

Artist: G.O.F
Release Date: September 5, 2020
Type: Full
Recorded: 2020
Genre: Pop
Language: Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin,
Cantonese, Taiwanese Hokkien
Length: 38:49
Labels: WildFire Entertainment
Producer: Xiao Cui (Cui Qinxiang. A-FLIGHT

Some Facts:
– On September 8, G.O.F revealed their concept photos.
– On September 11, they revealed their first music video teaser (Fairy Temple)
– No Title Track
– The Original Songs were performed by the DD52 group, Blaze Love (G.O.F
are the last remaining members of Blaze Love)

Video Links:
Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Demi Teaser
Hei Hei Teaser
Zhana Teaser
Rebaecca Teaser
Dolly Teaser
Kbao Teaser
Abby Teaser
Fairy Temple MV
Sad Keelung Port – Dance

Track List:
1.Fairy Temple (3:46)
2. RUNAWAY (4:27)
3. BOOM CHA CHA LA KA (3:26)
4. Sad Keelung Port (3:49) 悲傷基隆港 – Cantonese
5. A HIGH (3:52)
6. Flame Silk Road (4:17) 烈焰絲路
7. Watch Me (4:06)
8. Silence Love (3:42) 偷愛
9. FIRE HEART (3:49)
10. Don’t Lie To Me (3:35) 別再欺騙我的愛 – Taiwanese Hokkien

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