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Convenience Store Fling (썸타는 편의점)

Convenience Store Fling (썸타는 편의점)

Convenience Store Fling (썸타는 편의점)
is an interactive webdrama starring Choi Jisu, AB6IX’s Donghyun, PENTAGON’s Wooseok, VICTON’s Subin, and Golden Child’s Jaehyun. The show premiered on January 23rd, 2021, and the final episode aired on February 27th, 2021.

Drama Name: Convenience Store Fling (English Title)
Native Title: 썸타는 편의점 (Sseom-ta-neun Pyeon-ui-jeom)
Other Titles: Something Convenience Store, Flirting Convenience Store, Fling at Convenience Store 
Release Date: January 23rd, 2021 – February 27th, 2021
Genre: Webdrama, Romance, Drama, Interactive
Network: Dingo & U+ Idol App
Episodes: 6
Rating: 15+
Air Times: Saturday
Show Duration: 12 min
Director | Writers: N/A | N/A

Yeo Joo Ah (Choi Ji Su) agrees to work a shift at a convenience store as a favor for an online friend who turns out to be someone, she had met earlier that day, named Kim Dong Hyun (Kim Dong Hyun). During her shift, she meets a handsome young man named Bong Jae Hyun (Bong Jae Hyun) who flirts with her by asking for her number. When Donghyun returns he ends up hiring her as a full-time employee. Showing up the next day to take the next shift, she meets her co-worker Jung Su Bin (Jung Su Bin) who appears cold and chic. During her first official shift, she meets Jung Wooseok (Jung Woo Seok) who is determined to give her a hard time. Throughout her shift, she tries desperately to become a hard-working employee but how is she supposed to work when four handsome guys keep showing up and giving her attention?

*This was an interactive drama that allowed the viewers to vote on who should be the male lead.*

Choi Jisu

Birth Name:
Choi Ji Su (최지수)
Role Name: Yeo Joo Ah (여주아)
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Kim Donghyun

Birth Name:
Kim Dong Hyun (김동현)
Role Name: Kim Dong Hyun (김동현)
Group: AB6IX
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Jung Subin

Birth Name:
Jung Su Bin (정수빈)
Role Name: Jung Su Bin (정수빈)
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Jung Wooseok

Birth Name:
Jung Woo Seok (정우석)
Role Name: Jung Woo Seok (정우석)
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Bong Jaehyun

Birth Name:
Bong Jae Hyun (봉재현)
Role Name: Bong Jae Hyun (봉재현)
Group: Golden Child
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