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Coco Profile and Facts

Coco Profile and Facts

Coco (코코) is a Korean-American idol and soloist. She debuted in 2013 with the group Blady, but she left the group a year later. In 2016 she debuted in the duo CocoSori under Mole Entertainment. Duo to some problems with her agency, Coco left Mole Entertainment and now is focusing on her solo career.

Stage Name: Coco (코코)
Birth Name: Lee Coco (이코코)
Birthday: March 25, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 163 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
Blood type: A

Instagram: @rilaccoco
Twitter: @rilaccoco_
YouTube: Rilaccoco
Twitch.tv: rilaccoco

Coco Facts:

– Born in Los Angeles, therefore she can speak English.
– Coco has a brother named Steven, who is also in the music industry.
– She studied in Pepperdine University.
– -Occupations: singer, mc, reporter, youtuber and streamer (Twitch).
– Coco was an MC on Arirang TV.
– Streams: irl, pubg, and fortnite. (Twitch)
– She has a youtube channel with over 400k subscribers.
– Coco is friends with Oh Young Joo from Heart Signal 2.
– She is friends with The Rose‘s Woosung, Day6‘s Jae, HIGH4‘s Alex and KARD‘s B.M (Vlog #13).
– Coco grew up without her father.
– She moved to South Korea in 2012.
– Coco debuted for the first time as an idol in 2013 with the group Blady.
– On January 5th 2016, Coco debuted in the duo CocoSori with the song “Dark Circle”.
– On May 28th 2017, she made her solo debut with the single “Wishy Washy”.
– In 2017 she participated in The Idolmaster KR, but didn’t make the final group.
– Coco auditioned for the Korean survival show The Unit, but didn’t make it past the booting ceremony.
– During 2019, she left MOLE Inc., due to internal issues with her and member Sori.
– She released merch in 2020 (Twitch).
– In 2021, she participated in the Korean Dating Show Exchange.
– In February 2021, Coco released “Lately” featuring G2 with an homemade music video.
– She currently has a boyfriend who went with her to Berlin.
– Her MBTI is ENFP.

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