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CHAEL (LUN8) Profile

CHAEL (LUN8) Profile and Facts:
CHAEL (카엘) is a member of the South Korean boy group LUN8 under Fantagio Entertainment.

Stage Name: CHAEL (카엘)
Birth Name: Im Junyeop (임준엽)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: December 7th, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Blood Type: A
Representative Emoji: 🐈‍⬛ (Black Cat)

CHAEL Facts:
– He’s under the label Fantagio Entertainment.
– Family: Parents, younger sibling, grandma.
– He was the 6th member to be revealed on April 10, 2023.
– He was introduced as Lay-up Shoot.
– CHAEL is the oldest member in the group.
– Family: Parents, grandmother, a younger sibling (born in 2012).
– His role models are EXO‘s KAIASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, and NCT‘s Mark.
– He picks Cha Eunwoo as his role model as Cha Eunwoo radiates a great aura even when he’s just standing still.
– He has an interest in fashion.
– CHAEL loves drinking iced tea.
– Hobbies: Drawing, exercising, playing games, window shopping.
– CHAEL is a cat person, he enjoys playing with cats.
– He is a big fan of slushies.
– He enjoys feeding the members food and snacks.
– A food he likes is Hotteok (Hoeddeok (Filled pancakes)).
– Specialties: Working out, his imagination.
– An accessory he likes are pearls, mostly pearl necklaces.
– He likes animals, cats, accessories, clothes, jewelry, hats, beanies, jelly, and taking pictures.
– He loves beanies, he has lots of them.
– CHAEL has a sweet tooth.
– He doesn’t like plain water, so he usually doesn’t drink water.
– Since elementary school, he have always dreamed of being a singer.
– On his lattop he has a picture with his best friend as his background.
– He really like the 1MILLION dancers. He’s a big fan of VATA.
– Chael wants to be an ambassador for Disney.
– He played for the Myongji University volleyball team. (2020 KUFS)
– He has taken the personal color test, he got both warm and cool tones.
– CHAEL values a necklace his younger sibling made him, and a T-Shirt his grandmother bought him.
– He has a letter from his younger sibling in his bag, as well as a letter from TAKUMA, they’re his precious letters.
– He feels the coolest when he’s leading the fighting chants, and he feels like he’s raising LUN8’s fighting spirit with his voice.
– The sentences he wants to hear from fans are, “I’m happy to have you“, “Don’t be sick“, “Let’s be together forever“, and “I love you“.
– His resolution as an LUN8 member is to always give happiness and love the people by his side, and he will do his best to love fans with an unchanging heart.
– On May 17, 2023 LUN8 uploaded their 3rd “What’s in – bag?” video onto their YouTube channel.
– During his spare time, he enjoys needle felting and drawing.
– If he was stranded on an island, he would take jellies, beanies, and his pearl necklaces.
– He is a good actor.
– Chael played for the Myongji University volleyball team. (2020 KUFS)
– He starts to cry when someone else is crying.
– When a member is sad, angry, etc. CHAEL is the first one to comfort him.
– He’s scared of ghosts.
– He hates going to dark places, especially if he goes alone.
– CHAEL has sensitive hearing.
– He shares birthday with SOWON (ex GFRIEND) and 9001‘s JUWON.
– CHAEL’s Motto: “Let’s live beautifully and splendidly. Let’s always choose happiness“.

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