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Sowon ( GFriend) Profile and Facts

Sowon (GFriend) Profile and Facts: Sowon’s Ideal Type
Stage Name: Sowon (소원)
Birth Name: Kim So Jung (김소정)
Birthday: December 7, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 172.8 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Sowon Facts:
– Sowon was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– She has an older sister.
– She graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School.
– Sowon is majoring in Visual Media and Acting at Sungshin Women’s University.
– When she was a student, she used to take part in cheerleading.
– Her father passed away on June 22, 2018.
– She trained for 5 years before debuting.
– She was a trainee at DSP and she trained along KARD members.
– She is said to have one of the longest pair of legs among female idols.
– Sowon mentioned in “Idol Room” ep. 34 that she is 172.8 cm (5’8″) and her legs are 113 cm (3’8″).
– Sowon is the visual of the group. (They introduced her as GFriend’s golden visual on GFRDxMMM Showtime.)
– Along with SinB, she is the member that can fastest learn choreographies.
– She can speak Korean and Japanese.
– Her hobbies are watching movies, cooking and reading mystery novels.
– Sowon’s favorite food is seafood.
– She can eat 5 bowls of jjajangmyeon.
– She likes walking the catwalks.
– Sowon is very scared of bugs.
– She dislikes the snow and the rain.
– She doesn’t like ballad songs and prefers upbeat songs.
– She visited North Korea when she was in the 5th grade.
– She has a driver license.
– Sowon is close to Pristin’s Nayoung.
– She appeared in AJAX Making the Star.
– Sowon appeared in Rainbow’s “To Me” MV.
– Her stage name Sowon means “wish” in Korean.
– Sowon became MC in MBC’s beauty program “Look At Me” with Kim Jaekyung, Lizzy and Nam Bora.
– Sowon became MC for KBS’ beauty program “Trend by Me” with Nam Bora, Lizzy and Soyou.
– Sowon had won a Beauty Icon Award in First Brand Award 2019.
– She made her first runway as a model for D-ANTIDOTE at 2019 S/S HERA SEOUL FASHION WEEK.
– Update: In the new dorm she has her own room. (Apartment 1 – Downstairs)
Sowon’s ideal type is Park Hae Jin.

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  • TenAndJihoonLover

    Also! Her father past away on June 22

  • KProfiles

    That’s a sad news. =/ Thanks for the update, it’s much appreciated!

  • kei

    it was all over the news and also allkpop(if i recall it correctly stated it) well she came back with bangs after her father’s funeral.

  • TenAndJihoonLover

    This is sad yeah… Sorry if I sound rude 🙁

  • Jehan Nurdina

    Sowon is friends with J.Seph from KARD

  • Adam Beldad

    She did a collab with Tzuyu of Twice, Joy of Red Velvet, Yeonwoo of Momoland, Mijoo of Lovelyz and Jiho of Oh My Girl to perform the cover of Miss A’s “Hush” in 2018 KBS Music Festival.

  • Se7en p0tato

    sowon recently performed gashina by sunmi in Golden Disc Awards 2018 if I don’t mistake

  • Dzy110

    Gfriend revealed in the new Idol room episode that Sowons stage name was supposed to be PB which means Perfect Beauty but they changed it

  • GTBM Distribution

    Sowon is closed to Twice nayeon and jihyo

  • Azure

    Rumors that she was dating jin jdjdjd pls I’ve been an army since 2015, why is this the first time I’m hearing of this djdjd are u sure you aren’t mistaken? By what I recall jin had one minor dating rumor but I thought that was with another artists

  • [BLANK]

    they actually already revealed that way before idol room was even a thing. during the fingertip era, they went to the new yang nam show and talked about the past were they mentioned that.

  • [BLANK]

    well there was a rumor in 2016 but it’s mostly because of shipping like same clothing etc

  • [BLANK]

    sowon and astro’s eunwoo are close

  • Song Yunhyeong♡

    + Jin gave Sowon water bottles to then at an award show. BTS and GFRIEND even turned off every camera when they were filming “Happy Wednesday”. Which made fans annoyed and suspicous. (Bighit and Source Music CEO’s are best friends + their buildings used to be right beside each other. So the two groups is/was close. They have also looked a lot at each other. When Gfriend won an award, Jin forgot to sit down and had a big smile on his face while Sowon held her group’s speech