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BNZA Profile and Facts:

BNZA is a Singer-Songwriter, and Producer based in Toronto, Canada.

Stage Name: BNZA
Birth Name: N/A
Birthday: October 19th
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 181 cm / 5’11”
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Tibetan-Canadian
Instagram: bnza.ca
YouTube: BNZA
Spotify: BNZA

BNZA Facts:
– Favorite Color: Blue.
– He loves basketball.
– For him, the most fun part about being an artist is to create images / stories for his fans through his lyrics.
– The hardest part about being an artist is not being able to release all his music.
– His inspiration is his own life / journey, and also the lives of others surrounding him. He tends to write about himself, but also the experiences that he sees people around him going through.
– He wants to collaborate with G-DRAGON, Tame Impala, and Coldplay.
– His favorite songs of his own are, ‘Soul Tree‘, ‘American Dream‘, and ‘10 AM‘.
– An artist he has on repeat at the moment is 070 Shakes.
– He also has a Spotify playlist, ‘BLUE‘.
– His favorite KPOP group is BLACKPINK.
– His favorite solo artist are GD, and Colde.
– An artist he recommends is 92914.
– In 5-10 years he hopes he still continues working with music. He wants to continue in he creative field working on any projects that have impact on people.
– He gets a lot of joy out of creating something from nothing.
His Motto:It is what it is“.

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