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melatonin boy Profile and Facts:

melatonin boy is a singer from Canada.

Stage Name: melatonin boy
Birth Name: N/A
Birthday: June 5th, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 180 cm / 5’11”
Weight: 72kg / 160 lbs
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Chinese
Instagram: melatoninboy
Twitter: mxlatoninboy
TikTok: melatonin boy
YouTube: melatonin boy

melatonin boy Facts:
– He’s currently in University (bachelor’s degree in Psychology).
– He enjoys spending time with friends.
– His favorite thing is to have company around.
– His favorite number if he had to pick is 2, he has no reason for it. He just really likes it.
Purple have been his favorite color since he was about 13, as it’s mysterious looking, and seems cool in his opinion.
– He began releasing songs under his current stage name in the of Summer 2021.
melatonin boy had a different stage name which he used to release songs under.
– It was during the 2020 pandemic that he began to take music more on a serious note.
– The start of his music career was the fact that he was tired of asking his friends to sing on his produced songs.
– He has archieved his earliest work as he stated that he didn’t think his voice was that great just yet.
melatonin boy mentioned that this path is one of the best decisions he has ever made.
– He finds the most exciting part of being an artist to have the opportunity to collaborate and even meet with other musicians.
– Creating music as a way of a self-expression is something he find lots fun to do, and very therapeutic.
– The hardest part of being an artist is the constant need to maintain ones’ relevancy.
– He mentioned that the crave for attention and validation from listeners can limit artists creativity.
melatonin boy has lots of unreleased music that he doesn’t feel fit under his current alias as it feels off-brand.
– Something he has gotten surprised over is the fact that he have gotten recognition from artists he himself look up to.
– An artist he seeks for inspiration from is, Lauv. melatonin boy have been a fan of Lauv for 5 years now.
– Something he aspires to achieve is Lauv‘s ability to paint a vivid image with his music.
– His Favorite Songs: ‘OMG‘ by NewJeans, ‘parachute‘ by Jay Kim, ‘10:36‘ by beabadobee, and ‘5g‘ by brakence.
– He does get inspiration from basically anything he listens to on the daily, it can range from R&B to Hyperpop.
– Whenever he hears something cool, it can be a lyrical phrase, he tries to include it into his personal music.
– His fanbase, and even friends have mentioned that his production style and aesthetic fits the artists Keshi, and Joji.
– An artist he wishes to collaborate with is Joji, as their music style has similar yet different vibes.
– His favorite solo artist is DPR IAN.
– He’s a huge fan of the work that NewJeans have been releasing.
– His favorite song of his own changes constantly, but his current one is an unreleased song without a name.
– He spends his “me time” in his studio making music.
– He used to play video games during his free time, however he gets quite competitive.
– Most of the time he kills time by watching overly philosophical videos on YouTube, then he overthinks them at night.
– He hopes he’s still in the music industry in 5-10 years.
– His dream in music is to make a living out of it. He doesn’t have an intention of getting rich and famous.
– He treats his music like a half-diary (not too honest), but he hopes that he can turn it into something he’s able to live off of.
– His other dream is to have his music finally being acknowledged by his best friends.
– Since the 2nd grade in elementary school him and his best friends have been close so he treasure every moment he gets with them.
– He released a new song, ‘want more‘, on January 20th.
His Motto:You only live once, so live it the way you want.”

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