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Lee Hak-joo Profile & Facts

Lee Hak-joo Profile: Lee Hak-joo Facts and Ideal Type

Lee Hak-joo (이학주) is a South Korean actor under SM C&C. He debuted in the 2012 movie “Sweet Sorrow”.

Birth Name: Lee Hak-joo (이학주)
Birthday: January 9, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 175cm (5’8″)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @imcokecolor
Daum Cafe: kcw0407
Agency Profile: Lee Hak Joo

Lee Hak-joo Facts:
– Education: Hanyang University.
– Sibling: younger sister Lee Sol (이솔) born in 1992.
– Pets: a brown poodle named Mocha (모카) as of 2021 she’s 14 years old. He often takes her for a walk at Naksan Park.
– Religion: Protestantism.
– He has a puppy-face.
– His MBTI type is INFP. (Yeri’s Room)
– He is an introverted person. That’s a reason why he has trouble expressing his opinions.
– He served in the military from April 2009 till February 2011.
– He plays a lot of roles as a villain, but his actual personality is the exact opposite. He is timid and very shy.
– According to “My Name” co-star Park Hae Soo, Lee Hak-joo is always smiling, easy to approach and strong inside.
– He had a tutor in high school who told him that he was going to end up nowhere. Hak-joo was so hurt that he switched to online courses.
– According to Chang Ryul, he pays attention to every little detail.
– He is good at joking around. (wkorea)
– He like soccer and basketball. (wkorea)
– He keeps a diary where he writes about days that are sentimental and other times about things like horoscopes sent to him by someone. (wkorea)
– He is the first actor that appeared in “Yeri’s Room”.
– His favorite girl group’s song is “Psycho” by Red Velvet. (Yeri’s Room)
– The character that he played that is also the most similar to his personality is Joon Geun from the movie “Welcome To The Guesthouse”. (Yeri’s Room)
– He’d like to play as a doctor. (Yeri’s Room)
– Actors he’d like to film with are Han Suk-kyu and Jeon Do-yeon. (Yeri’s Room)
– He is not good at heading out unless someone takes him. (Yeri’s Room)
– In college someone once told him that he looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Yeri’s Room)
– He’s interested in fashion. (Yeri’s Room)
– His fashion style is simple. (Yeri’s Room)
– He’d rather go to the beach than mountains. (Yeri’s Room)
– He doesn’t like pineapple pizza & mint chocolate. (Yeri’s Room)
– When he has a crush on someone he is more of a waiting type than an aggressive type. (Yeri’s Room)
– He keeps in touch with his high school chemistry teacher. (Problem Child in House)
– He is known as an idol of the indie film world.
– He met actor Ahn Bohyun at the audition for the same drama and the same role. Bohyun asked Hakjooh how old he was and got his number. They both didn’t get the role but are friends since then. (Knowing Bros)
– His dream is to be an actor for a long time. (Knowing Bros)
– He admires actor Han Suk-kyu. His favorite role is from “A Bloody Aria”. (Knowing Bros)
– Despite the fact Seo Jang-hoon did it only once, Hakjoo was impressed by his NBA commentary. (Knowing Bros)
– To impress a crush in high school who was a fan of g.o.d‘s Kyesang, Hakjoo lied to her that he also suffers from aichmophobia. After that, he ended up with a real slight fear of corners because he was paying more attention to it. Now he gets a little anxious and when triggered starts blinking a lot. (Knowing Bros)
– His manager Sang Gi was introduced in Omniscient Interfering View ep.181
– He doesn’t eat lettuce wraps. (Omniscient Interfering View)
– When he’s nervous he tends to act like a robot and talk to himself. (Omniscient Interfering View)
– He is close friends with “My Name” co-star Chang Ryul. They’re the same age, live near each other’s places, often meet up and go for a walk. They’re also very talkative around each other. (Omniscient Interfering View)
– He worked part-time. (Omniscient Interfering View)
– His sister supported him financially for a year so he could pursue his dreams more comfortably. (Omniscient Interfering View)
Lee Hak-joo’s Ideal Type: A girl with short hair, cute features, petite… The closest to his ideal type is actress Park Bo-young (Problem Child in House 2021)

Lee Hak-joo in Music Videos:
2019 | Kim Feel – “Love 2”
2017 | K.will – “Nonfiction”

Lee Hak-joo in Movies:
Nothing Serious (연애 빠진 로맨스) | 2021 – Min-Seok (cameo)
Sinkhole (싱크홀) 2021 – Deputy Jung
Some Relationship (어떤 관계) | 2020
Cafe without a name (이름없는 다방에서) | 2020
The Girl Who Ran (도영씨) | 2020
Welcome To The Guesthouse (어서오시게스트하우스) | 2020 – Joon Geun
Watching (왓칭) | 2019 – Joon-Ho
Hit-and-Run Squad (뺑반) | 2019 – Karuma
The Negotiation (협상) | 2018 – Park Min-Woo
Golden Slumber (골든 슬럼버) | 2018 – Detective 2
Marionette (나를 기억해) | 2018 – Kim Dong-Jin
When Tomorrow Comes (내일이 찾아오면) | 2017 – bodyguard
Sauna (사우나) | 2017 – Jonghun
Intimate Strangers (친밀한 타인들) | 2017 – Seungho
Where Nobody Can Go (갈 수 없는 나라) | 2017 – Hojae
Jane (꿈의 제인) | 2017 – Jung Ho
Autumn Sonata (가을 우체국) | 2017 – Im Joon
Snowy Road (눈길) | 2017 – soldier
Teach Me (티치 미) | 2016 – Seo Jun-yeol
Tong: Memories (통 메모리즈) | 2016 – Lee Jung Woo
Irrelevant universe (관계없는 우주) | 2016 – supervisor
Shame Diary (치욕일기) | 2015 – Hee-soo
A Crevice of Violence (폭력의 틈) | 2015 – Chung Hee
The Shameless (무뢰한) | 2015 – Sung Chul
Insane (날, 보러와요) | 2015 – Han Dong Shik
Love Trip (사랑 여행) | 2014 – supervisor
The Girl (비행소녀) | 2014
Badlands (황무지) | 2013 – Taejin
12th Assistant Deacon (12번째 보조사제) | 2013 – Deacon Choi Joon Ho
I Know You (난 널 알아) | 2013 – Minseok
Sweet Sorrow (밥덩이) | 2012

Lee Hak-joo in Drama Series:
Artificial City (공작도시) | JTBC / 2021~2022 – Han Dong-Min
Political Fever (이렇게 된 이상 청와대로 간다) | wavve / 2021 – Kim Soo-Jin
My Name (마이 네임) | Netflix / 2021 – Jung Tae Joo
Private Lives (사생활) | JTBC / 2020 – Kim Myung-Hyun
Sweet Munchies (야식남녀) | JTBC / 2020 – Kang Tae Wan
The World of the Married (부부의 세계) | JTBC / 2020 – Park In-Kyu
Be Melodramatic (멜로가 체질) | JTBC / 2018-2019 – No Seung-Hyo
Justice (저스티스) | KBS2 / 2019 – Ma Dong-Hyeok
Memories of the Alhambra (알함브라 궁전의 추억) | tvN / 2018~2019 – Kim Sang-Beom
Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) | tvN / 2018 – young Kim An-Pyeong (ep.1)
Super Family (초인가족) | SBS / 2017 – Choi Joon-Woo
38 Task Force (38 사기동대) | OCN / 2016 – Ahn Chang-Ho
Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님) | tvN / 2015 – Shin Gyeong-Mo
Snowy Road (눈길) | KBS1 / 2015 – soldier

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