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2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS (SMTOWN) Album Info

2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS (SMTOWN) Album Info

2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS is a SMTOWN’s 8th winter album. It was released on December 27, 2021.

Artist: SMTOWN
Label: SM Entertainment
Release Date: December 27, 2021
Type: Special
Format: CD, download, streaming
Genre: K-Pop, Contemporary R&B, Christmas Music, Adult Contemporary
Length: 38:18
Executive Producer: SM Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Producer: Lee Soo-man
Music & Sound Supervisor: Yoo Young-jin
Producing Director: Lee Sung-soo

1. Dreams Come True [Title Track]
Sung by: aespa
Korean Lyrics by: Bada / Yoo Youngjin / BoA
Composed by: Risto Armas Asikainen / Yoo Youngjin / BoA
Arranged by: Yoo Youngjin / BoA / Shaun Kim / BXN
MV Teaser; MV Behind The Scenes; Re:MASTERPIECE

2. Zoo 
Sung by: Taeyong, Jeno, Hendery, YangYang of NCT / Giselle of aespa
Korean Lyrics by: Rick Bridges (X&) / Taeyong / Jeno / Giselle
Composed by: Keelah Jacobsen / Cameron Joseph Rugg / Ryan Jhun
Arranged by: Keelah Jacobsen / Ryan Jhun
Stage Video; Choreography Draft

3. Melody
Sung by: Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG
Korean Lyrics by: Jo Yoonkyung
Composed by: Ronny Svendsen / JIBYJIN / Noday / Cazzi Opeia
Arranged by: Ronny Svendsen / JIBYJIN

4. Magical
Sung by: TVXQ! / Super Junior
Korean Lyrics by: Lee Suran
Composed & Arranged by: William James “Bleu” McAuley III / Mats Valentin / Tobias Norberg

5. Snow Dream 2021
Sung by: Yeri of Red Velvet / Haechan, Chenle, Jisung of NCT / Ningning of aespa
Korean Lyrics by: Yoon Hyosang
Composed by: Svein Finneide / Aslak Johnsen / Ken Ingwersen / Jon-Willy Rydningen / Eirik-Andre Rydningen
Arranged by: ButterFly (Hwang Sungjae, Seo Mirae, Kim Kyuwon)

6. Ordinary Day
Sung by: Kyuhyun of Super Junior / Onew of SHINee / Taeil of NCT
Lyrics by: Kenzie
Composed & Arranged by: Kenzie

7. Goodbye
Sung by: Sunny of Girls’ Generation / Jungwoo, Renjun of NCT
Lyrics by: danke (lalala studio)
Composed by: minGtion / Kim Yeonseo / Dvwn
Arranged by: minGtion

8. Dinner
Sung by: TVXQ!
Korean Lyrics by: Oh Hyeonson (lalala studio)
Composed by: Jeon Sanghwan / Jerome “Jigg” Andrews / Shelton Jones / Saire Jones
Arranged by: minGtion / Jeon Sanghwan / Jerome “Jigg” Andrews

9. The Promise of H.O.T. (Jazz Ver.)
Composed by: Yoo Youngjin
Arranged by: Yohan Kim / Hogyu ‘Stiger’ Hwang

10. Hope from KWANGYA [Title Track]
Sung by: SMTOWN
Lyrics by: Kangta
Composed by: Kangta
Arranged by: Kenzie
SMCU PALACE @KWANGYA Ver. MV; Recording Behind The Scene

SM Entertainment

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