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Vivi (LOONA) Profile and Facts

Vivi(LOONA) Profile and Facts;
Vivi Luna
Stage Name: Vivi(비비)
Birth Name: Wong Gaahei (黃珈熙)
Birthday: December 9, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Blood Type: B
Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3

Vivi Facts:
– Vivi debuted April 16, 2016 under LOONA with the song “Everyday I Love You” featuring member Haseul
– Her color is pastel rose and her animal is a deer
– She filmed her video in Busan
– Vivi wanted to become an idol after watching Big Bang and 2NE1 music videos in middle school
– She sang a song by a Taiwanese singer named Jolin Tsai in the audition.
– ViVi started to do modeling since 17 y.o.
– Her modelling name was Viian Wong.
– Vivi’s nicknames are Hwang Ara and Pya Pya.
– Vivi is one of the most flexible members.
– The Korean food Vivi likes the best is chicken.
– Vivi practices her Korean a lot. Haseul helps Vivi learn Korean the most (out of the members).
– Through the SNS Casting of LOOΠΔ’s agency, BlockBerry Creative, Vivi received a chance to go to Korea.
– At first, her dad was against her decision to go to Korea in order to become a singer.
– When she was still a trainee she struggled a lot, especially because she didn’t know Korean.
– Vivi said she used to cry a lot when she was a trainee because she was lonely and didn’t know Korean, but the other trainees helped her a lot
– Vivi used to model pre-debut.
– Korean food is a bit spicy for her, but she loves bibimbap, chicken, bulgogi, fish cake and Korean pancakes.
– Vivi’s speciality is falling asleep fast.
– Her hobbies are travelling, eating delicious food and watching movies.
– Vivi likes chocolate cake, massages and everything pretty.
– Vivi hates insects, too hot/cold weather and annoying things.
– Vivi’s biggest interest is health
– Vivi about her charm point: “I am always sharing food because I like to cook and I’m good at it.”
– Vivi’s sleeping habit: When she sleeps at night she has to have a cushion. If she has the cushion she can fall asleep in 3 minutes. If she doesn’t have one she falls asleep in 30 minutes.
– Her idol is Hyuna.

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Vivi’s Solo Song:

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  • Damn

    Vivi is life!

  • Wong Vi

    Overly Underrated like yeojin choerry and gowon my babies i love them all especially the unpopular ones!

  • Homura

    ViVi’s name is related to her model name Viian Wong and the girls called her Billion before she got her stage name. (Show Champion Behind EP.110 Loona Cut)

  • electrapng

    I love everything about this girl, she’s my angel <3

  • electrapng

    Even though her father disapproved of her becoming an idol, her parents flew from Hong Kong to watch LOONA’s debut concert. All of the members cried when they found out Vivi’s parents were there.

  • lexi

    vivi debuted in apr 2017, not 2016

  • loony for loona

    don’t forget one of her hobbies
    is drawing! She drew the members

  • kayy

    isn’t vivi born in 1993? on a form for her modelling, it said “D.O.B: December 9th 1993” so she should be 25 years old rn. there are rumours that BBC lied about it so that there wouldn’t be a giant age gap between her and yves. it doesn’t really affect me but alot of people are pressed about this.

  • Eve Goan

    Does that really matter?

  • I Upvote My Own Comments

    There’s also another rumor that Vivi lied when she was modeling so that she’d get more jobs. Either way, Vivi is love Vivi is life.

  • I Upvote My Own Comments

    Please don’t spread any of Vivi’s predebut pictures. She’s uncomfortable with her predebut pictures, let’s respect that.