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Woosung (The Rose) Profile

Woosung (The Rose) Profile and Facts:

Woosung (우성)
is a soloist and a leader/member of the band The Rose. He made his solo debut on July 25th, 2019 with his mini album ‘Wolf’.

Stage Name: Woosung or Sammy (우성)
Birth Name: Kim Woo Sung (김우성)
English Name: Sammy Kim
Birthday: February 25th, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @iwoosung

Woosung Facts:
– He is from Los Angeles, California.
– He has a younger brother, named AJ and is 13 years younger than Woosung.
– His biological parents divorced when he was 2 years old. His mom remarried and had AJ. (Source: Woosung’s interview on KPOPSTAR Ep. 2)
– He was on the show K-Pop Star during its 1st season.
– He has a YouTube channel where he posts covers and his originals: iwoosung
– He was the last member to join The Rose.
Special talents: beatboxing, mimicing a crow. (‘Pops in Seoul’)
– He is friends with DAY6’s Jae and K.A.R.D’s Matthew.
– Woosung played American football since junior high school in the U.S., but after he entered high school, he dislocated his shoulder. That’s why he started doing music (‘Pops in Seoul’).
– Woosung still has a scar from the operation on his left shoulder (‘Pops in Seoul’).
– Woosung is lactose intolerant (English Facebook live).
– Woosung likes the TV series ‘Stranger Things’.
– He watches the movie ‘Sing Street’ with his members every first day of the month.
– He loves the Disney movie ‘The Lion King’.
– His favorite animal is the lion.
– “Cats or dogs… Hmmm I prefer cats…” (Instagram Live on 2 June).
– Ironically is allergic to cats.
– He hates spiders (Idol League).
– He has lived in New Zealand (Idol League).
– He learned Spanish for 3 years during high school, but forgot everything he learned (from their Insta/Facebook Live on 21 August).
– He really likes rice (from their Insta/Facebook Live on 21 August)
– He has 1993 tattooed on his neck; a fairy tattoo and a rose on his left shoulder.
– Woosung has a tattoo on his arm. It’s the birthday of his mom in roman numerals.
– He also has a tattoo of a crown above his left elbow.
– All the members the are currently living together (from their Insta/Facebook Live on 21 August).
– Woosung walks naked around the house (officiallykmusic interviews).
– Woosung’s role model is his father.
– Woosung’s representative flower is the white rose which means purity (as a member of The Rose).
– He appeared in “Hate You” MV by Ladies’ Code.
– He is the newest MC on After School Club (ASC).
– He loves sour candy and when asked to eat one and try to whistle, he ate 3-4 and still was able to whistle (After School Club ep. 379 07.30.19).
– Woosung on his solo album ‘WOLF‘: (Q: Why did you choose the concept wolf?’) “Because I think there are two sides of a wolf that I wanted to show people. Normally when people think of wolves they think they are kind of scary and very wild, but at the same time I think there’s another side of the wolf… one side is wild and the other side is sensitive” (After School Club ep 379 07.30.19).
– Regarding his title track ‘FACE’, Woosung says he likes all faces (After School Club ep 379 07.30.19).
– He said he put a wolf sound in every track of ‘WOLF’ (After School Club ep 379 07.30.19).
– He said the riff in the beginning of ‘FACE’ took him 2 years to make because they changed it so much (After School Club ep 379 07.30.19).

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