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WONHEE (ILLIT) Profile and Facts:

WONHEE (원희) is a member of the girl group, ILLIT. She competed on R U Next?.

Stage Name: WONHEE (원희)
Birth Name:
Lee Won Hee (이원희)
June 26th, 2007
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🐿️

– She was born in Namyangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– If she was an animal, she would be a cat.
– She is described as a ‘Vocal Fairy’.
– She has an older sister.
– Wonhee’s cousin is Hwang Suji.
– She plays badminton.
– She dislikes mint chocolate.
– Her favorite dessert is garlic bread
– Her least favourite subject is math.
– She has a big appetite.
– She has been a trainee for almost two months since the show started.
– Wonhee can play the recorder, danso, kkwaenggwari and small drum.
– Her message to her fans is “Thank you, love you”.
– Wonhee loves playing sports.
– She was scouted at a Express Bus Terminal Station where a man went up to her asking if she knew HYBE. She thought it was a little suspicious because the guy kept asking for her phone number.
– She was the head of the sports department at school.
– Wonhee loves using Rom&nd products.
– She competed on R U Next? (Ranked 1st) and got to debut in ILLIT.
– She is currently a student.
– Her pinky is 5.8 cm.
– Nicknames: Stingray (가오리) (favorite), Axolotl (아홀로틀), Bruni (브루니), Potato (감자), Circle (동그라미). (50 Q&A)
– Wonhee’s role model is IU.
– Wonhee’s favorite karaoke song is ‘다시 만난 세계 (Into the new world)‘ by Girls’ Generation. (50 Q&A)
– She has a Samsung laptop.
– Her favorite animals are cats and sea otters.
– Hobbies: Singing and making keychains.
– A specialty of hers is playing sports.
– Wonhee loves playing sports and was the head of the sports department at her school.
– Her favorite colors are Sky Blue and Ivory.
– To become friends with Wonhee, one must give her something to eat and say nice things to her as well as give good reactions to whatever she’s talking about. (50 Q&A)
– Her favorite ice cream is blueberry, she likes any blueberry flavored thing (ice cream, yogurt, etc.).
– If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life, she picks Bibimbap. (50 Q&A)
– Her favorite moment of the day is when she sleeps as well as when she eats.
– If she was born as an object, she picks a picture with precious memories.
– A habit she wants to break is sleep talk. (50 Q&A)
– She isn’t good with compliments.
– If she had 1 Million won, she would want to save it and buy food for her loved ones as well as go on a date with her parents.
– Wonhee would want to slow down time and go to Changwon to be with her parents if the world would be ending tomorrow.
– If she became invisible, she would perform magic shows and make money. (50 Q&A)
– Her Personaltiy: She is a ambiguous person. Timid, but active.

R U Next? Facts:
Pre-Show Ranking: #00.
Tryout: “Dreams Come True” by aespa – Team ‘16,200,00’ (Ena, Iris, Seoyeon, Wonhee). Ranking: Mid Level.
DEATH MATCH: “FEARLESS” by LE SSERAFIM – Team MID-A (Haseul, Hyewon, Minju, Wonhee) vs. Team LOW-B. Role: Part 3.
DEATH MATCH Team Score: 550 Points (WIN). Individual Score: 614 Points [#10].

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