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Uhm Jung-hwa Profile, Facts and Ideal Type

Uhm Jung-hwa Profile: Uhm Jung-hwa Facts and Ideal Type

Uhm Jung-hwa (엄정화) is a South Korean singer and actress under Saram Entertainment.

Birth Name: Uhm Jung Hwa (엄정화)
Chinese Name: Yan Zheng Hua (嚴正化)
Birthday: August 17, 1969
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 164 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: umaizing
Twitter: love_tangle
Website: uhmjunghwa.kr

Uhm Jung-hwa Facts:
— She was born in Jecheon, South Korea.
— Her nickname is “evergreen”.
— She is bad at refunds.
— She does boxing.
— She wants to attend MAMA.
— She is a role model for many female artists.
— She is known as Madonna of Korea. She earned that monicker over the years as one of the most important and influential female singers in K-pop.
— Her hobbies are collecting perfume bottles, watching films, and reading.
— She made her debut as an actress in the 1992 movie “Marriage Story“.
— She has a younger brother named Uhm Tae-woong who is an actor.
— When she was six years old her father died in a motorcycle accident.
— She debuted in 1987 as a chorus member for the broadcasting company MBC but her official debut took place in 1993 with the album “Sorrowful Secret“.
— She has clothing and lingerie lines “Corner Suite” and “ZHUM in New York“.
— She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In May 2010 she fully recovered after surgery.
— After surgery for vocal chord nodules as a result of thyroid cancer, she was unable to talk for eight months.
— Her motto is “Do the best, Enjoy the day.”
— When asked which song earned the highest revenue, she responded, “It was from ‘Poison’ until ‘Don’t Know’. After that, there wasn’t any income from music sales.”
— She has been tested negative for COVID-19 after having an overlap in tracks with director Min Kyu Dong, who tested positive for COVID-19 in December 2020. She was absent from the ‘2020 Mnet Asian Music Award’ due to her going into a self-quarantine on December 6th, which was held the same day.
— She was dating a former singer/actor Jun Joon Hong. Their companies confirmed their relationship in 2008 and Uhm Jung Hwa’s busy filming schedule for the movie “Best Seller” caused the couple to be apart for a long period of time and they mutually decided that it was best to call off the relationship in 2010.
— She revealed that she’s taken up yoga because of Lee Hyori‘s suggestion. She released a yoga video with Lee Sora in 2003, and since then, has been doing yoga for mental breathing. [Uhm Jung Hwa’s Happy Travels!]
— She is a good cook. She can cook most Korean foods. She openly said that she can’t do very complicated dishes, but she’s good at making stews and greens. [Uhm Jung Hwa’s Happy Travels!]
— She is afraid of getting married and always questioned herself whether she’d be a good parent as of 2009. [Park Joong Hoon Show]
Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung choose Uhm Jung Hwa as her role model in an interview with ‘InStyle’ in 2015.
— She loves clubbing since working part-time in Seoul. [Knowing Brothers]
Bang Shi Hyuk wanted to be a couple with Uhm Jung Hwa on the “We Got Married” show in 2011, revealing at the same time on his Twitter that he is her “hardcore fan”.
— In 2011, singer/pianist Jung Jae Hyung confessed on Golden Fishery-Radio Star that if he had to get married, it would be with Uhm Jung Hwa.
— She was originally against the idea of her brother, Uhm Tae Woong, joining the cast of “1 Night 2 Days” in 2011 because she was worried that he might not fit in with the cast of professional comedians.
— Her favorite idol groups as of 2012 are TEEN TOP, Girls’ Generation, and T-ara. [SBS’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Powertime]
— The only female singer that she is jealous of is Lee Hyori. [Happy Together]
— She has been close friends with Lee Hyori ever since her Fin.K.L days.
— She was a member of a project girl group Refund Sisters / Refund Expedition (with Lee Hyori, Jessi, Hwasa), who debuted in October 2020 and disbanded a month later. Her stage name was Manok.
Uhm Jung Hwa’s Ideal Type is Big Bang‘s TOP. “He works really hard and is very loyal. He also calls me on the phone the most.” (KBS Ideal Type World Cup 2012). In another interview, she said “I like sexy guys. Whether it’s their hands or their speech that’s sexy, I usually like sexy guys.” [SBS’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Powertime 2012]

Uhm Jung Hwa in Movies:
Okay Madam (오케이 마담) | 2020 – Mi-Young
Wonderful Nightmare (미쓰 와이프) | 2015 – Yeon-Woo
Venus Talk (관능의 법칙) | 2014 – Shin-Hye (cable channel CP)
Top Star (톱스타) | 2013 – presenter at Blue Dragon Awards (cameo)
Montage (몽타주) | 2013 – Ha-Kyung
In My End is My Beginning (끝과 시작) | 2013 – Lee Jung-Ha
Dancing Queen (댄싱퀸) | 2011 – Uhm Jung-Hwa
Mama (마마) | 2011 – Dong-Sook
Best Seller (베스트셀러) | 2010 – Hee-Soo
Five Senses of Eros (오감도) | 2009 – Lee Jung-Ha (segment “In My End is My Beginning”)
Haeundae (해운대) | 2009 – Lee Yu-Jin
Insadong Scandal (인사동 스캔들) | 2009 – Bae Tae-Jin
Love Now (지금 사랑하는 사람과 살고 있습니까?) | 2007 – Seo Yu-Na
Seducing Mr. Perfect (Mr.로빈 꼬시기) | 2006 – Min-Joon
For Horowitz (호로비츠를 위하여) | 2006 – Kim Ji-Soo
Princess Aurora (오로라 공주) | 2005 – Jung Soon-Jung
All For Love (내 생애 가장 아름다운 일주일) | 2005 – Hur Yu-Jung
Mr. Hong (어디선가 누군가에 무슨일이 생기면 틀림없이 나타난다 홍반장) | 2004 – Yun Hye-ju
Singles (싱글즈) | 2003 – Dong-mi
Marriage Is a Crazy Thing (결혼은, 미친 짓이다) | 2002 – Yeon-Hee
How to Top My Wife (마누라 죽이기) | 1994
On a Windy Day We Must Go to Apgujeong (바람 부는 날이면 압구정동에 가야 한다) | 1993
Marriage Story (결혼 이야기) | 1992 – Disc Jockey

Uhm Jung Hwa in Drama Series:
You Are Too Much (당신은 너무합니다) | MBC, 2017 – Yoo Ji-Na
A Witch’s Love (마녀의 연애) | tvN, 2014 – Ban Ji-Yeon
He Who Can’t Marry (결혼 못하는 남자) | KBS2, 2009 – Jang Mun-Jeong
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung (칼잡이 오수정) | SBS, 2007 – Oh Soo-Jung
December Fever (12월의 열대야) | 2004
Only You (아내) | KBS2, 2003
Beautiful Sin (아름다운 죄) | SBS, 1997
Police (폴리스) | KBS2, 1994

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