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Which Songs Released in January 2020 are your Favorites?

Songs Released in January 2020!


Answer by ATEEZ

Lay Back by VERIVERY

Good Guy by SF9

Keep Going by VOISPER

We Belong by Ong Seongwoo

Dark Cloud by Younha

Top Gang by MCND (pre-debut)

Count Down by TST

Wish by DreamNote

Say My Name by ANS

My Angel by B.O.Y (Debut)

Cheeky by ENOi

My 1st Hero by 2z (Debut)

Black Swan by BTS (Pre-Release)

Dear Me by Taeyeon

Any song by Zico

Run Away by TXT (Japanese)

High Mode by High Tension

Red Shoes by Kim Dong Wan

Manazashi by TVXQ (Japanese)

I Think I by Super Junior (Japanese)

Double Knot by Stray Kids (English)

2YA2YAO by Super Junior

Just Cry by Lee HaeRi

Paradise by Siyeon

Without You by Golden Child

Through You by HyukOh

My Gravity by Yezi

The Day by IZ

Which Songs Released in January 2020 were your Favorites? (Pick 5)

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Note: If I am missing your favorite song from January 2020, leave it in the comments and I will add it!

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