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Huh Profile and Facts:

Huh / 허 is an South Korean rapper whom debuted on October 15, 2019 with the single ‘Number 1′. He’s currently under Amoeba Culture.

Rap Name: Huh / 허
Former Rap Name: Rose de Penny
Birth Name: Heo Sunghyun / 허성현
Birthday: 3rd November, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: about 162 cm / 5’4”
Nationality: Korean
IG: yesmynamerosy (personal)
YouTube: Huh!
SoundCloud: 허성현
Instagram: huh1_official
Facebook: 허성현 (Rose de Penny)

Huh Facts:
– His MBTI is INTP-T.
– He was born in the year of the Tiger.
– Family: Parents and a younger brother.
– He has a dog (Pocari, a Shiba Inu) and a cat (Toreta).
– His parents are raising a dog, an Maltese named Yeppi.
– He can speak English and Korean.
– Officially announced as an Amoeba Culture artist in Feb. of 2021.
– Known as Rose de Penny which he used in his early stage of his career.
– Former contestant on SMTM8, he went one-on-one with Takuwa, but was eliminated due to messing up his lyrics.
– Huh! and Takuwa continues to get along well with each other.
– He was a contestant on Show Me The Money 9.
– Huh was going on SMTM777, he had even posted a video, but failed to apply.
– Often goes on IG live where he interacts with fans, a filter he uses the most is the “big mouth”.
– His husky voice is due through smoking, he smokes about two packs a day.
– He’ll continue to smoke, as he doesn’t want his husky voice to disappear.
– Huh! enjoys working out, mostly push ups.
– His favorite cigarettes are Raison French Black.
– Favorite Baskin Robbins are Mom’s an alien, Chocolate Tree Forest, Mint Chocolate and Shooting Star.
– He doesn’t love garlic, he roast it. He loves boiled food though.
– An album he recommends is ‘Nightvibe‘ by Boi B (보이비).
– Other than rapping, Huh has showed great singing skills.
– According to Gaeko, Seonghyun can dance.
– He has seven piercings so far and a couple of tattoos.
– At first, he wanted all his piercings on the left side, but due to inbalancement with his nose piercing, he went with the right side instead.
– Of all his tattoos, his favorite is the rose on his face.
– It has been said that he’s similar to Hash Swan as the two rappers both have more female fans than male ones, their short heights, many tattoos plus they were both 22 years old when they first appeard on SMTM.
– His height is actually unknown, but he has said that he’s over 160 cm.
– He went on IG live and mentioned that if he were under 160 cm that he wouldn’t have been allowed to join the military.
– Has issued an military warrant, he’s currently not in the military.
– In late 2020, he joined High1 Resort Ontact Live alongside DSEL, kaogaii and Untell.
– Sunghyun joined Rising Verse in early February of 2021.
– Then he joined StoneLive in late Feb. of 2021.
ESQUIREKOREA invited him to their YT channel where he answered fans’ questions.
– In May of 2021, Huh! made an apperance on PIXID‘s YT channel where the people had to figure out whomst the real rapper was.
– Huh! joined studioGrr alongside Gaeko in June.
– Him and his labelmates; Gaeko and SOLE all appeared on Mobidic‘s YT channel in July of 2021.
– He made an apperance on dingo freestyle where he played a skinship game with Queen Wa$abii.
– Him, Wa$abii and Layone appeared on The TakFather in Sept. 2021.
– He made an apperance on a famous Korean hair stylist Kiu‘s YT.
– In Nov. he performed MBT on KBS CoolFM and Studio FLO.
– There was also an apperance made on AirplaneTime‘s YT.
– Him, Untell and Bruno Champman of SMTM9 made an appearance on The Bob Studio‘s YT.
– In Jan. of 2022, he took an MBTI test which showed that he’s intuitive; 78%, rational thinker; 71%, explorer; 90%, and 53% cautious.
– He released his first album in July, ‘926‘.
– Huh’s Ideal Type: aespa‘s Winter.

Tattoos and Piercings:
– Most tattoos are on the left side of his body.
– Roses on the face, neck, shoulders and forearms.
– On his chest he has Chinese characters.
– Emojis on the middle finger on his left hand.
– Letters on his left knee.
– Three piercings on his ears.
– A nose piercing on the right side.
– Eyebrow and lip piercing which has now disappeared.

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