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Sobo Members Profile and Facts

Sobo Profile and Facts

Sobo is an independent Sakha instrumental band. It consists of Aina Yefimova, Aleksey Dabdasov, Mark Yakovlev and Pyotr Boedoek. The band was assembled in April 2016.

Sobo Official Accounts:
YouTube: Love Sobo
VK: Sobo

Sobo Facts:
– They were formed by Aleksey Dabdasov and Aleksandra Ivanova in the NEFU cultural center.
– At first this band had a name “Nuural” (“Tenderness”).
– The band name “Sobo” (“Carp”) was proposed by Aina because this kind of fish helped to people of Yakutia a lot through hard times and it sounds hooligan as it describes their youthful spirit.
– Their first performance was in fall 2016 in Yakutsk national library during a night event.
– Their first song “Чуумпу санаа” (“Wordless Thought”) was released in 2019.
– Their first album “Таптал күнэ” (“Love Day”) was released in 2020.
– Their genre was indie-pop at first, soon they changed to alternative pop, then to ethno-, folk- and punk rock music, at last they are interested in Australian new wave.
– They had almost no money from their performances.

Sobo Members:
Aina Yefimova

Stage Name/Birth Name: Aina Yefimova (Аина Ефимова)
Real Name: Aina Dabdasova (Аина Дабдасова)
Position: Vocalist, Lyricist
Birth Year: 1992

Aina Yefimova Facts:
– She had learned playing flute in school, in a specialized class.
– She often visited a music shop to buy discs for her friends.
– She liked singing in choir in her school days,
– She graduated from Ammosov North Eastern Federal University, Institute of Modern Languages and International Studies.
– She debuted as a solo singer in 2014 with the single “Саҥа күн” (“A New Day”).
– She worked in Yakutsk Philarmony as an event organizer and a media publisher. While working there she decided to find a group where she can make music, not just see someone making it.
– She found her bandmates through Mikhail Dmitriyev, a famous guitarist in Sakha Republic.
– She is married to Aleksey Dabdasov.
– She worked as a teacher and a journalist.
– She made lyrics for the song “Көстүбэт мичээр” (“Unseen Smile”) in 10 minutes.
– She can make illustrations.
– She thinks that Sakha language is very melodic, so she prefers to write only Sakha lyrics for the band.
– She also uses Sakha poetry and adapts them.
– She wants to have the band’s own music studio.
– She used to work in Yakutsk National Arts Museum as an event organizer.
– She works as tutor of English.
– She thinks the band should be named as “The Teachers” as all members are teaching as a job.

Aleksey Dabdasov

Stage Name: Aleksey Dabdasov (Алексей Дабдасов)
Birth Name: Aleksey Anatoliyevich Dabdasov (Алексей Анатольевич Дабдасов)
Position: Bass Guitarist
Birthday: January 28, 1993

Aleksey Dabdasov Facts:
– He is a founder of the band.
– He works as a graphics and motion design teacher in an IT school for kids.
– He works in Tundra Animation graphic studio.
– He graduated from Ammosov North Eastern Federal University, Institute of Engineering & Technology.
– He is married to Aina Yefimova.

Mark Yakovlev

Stage Name: Mark Yakovlev (Марк Яковлев)
Birth Name: Mark Stepanovich Yakovlev (Марк Степанович Яковлев)
Position: Guitarist, Composer
Birthday: January 20, 1994

Mark Yakovlev Facts:
– He was born and lives in Yakutsk.
– He graduated from Yakutsk Republican Lyceum, Technic class, in 2010.
– He graduated from Ammosov North Eastern Federal University, Institute of Physics and Technologies. And he finished postgraduate program in Faculty of Road Construction in the same university.
– He has been interested in rock music since childhood.
– He is a freelancer.
– He had a new melody every repetition the band planned.
– He thinks that every kind of melody is already have been made, a composer just needs to interpet his favorite parts their own way.
– He is part of the 5-member Drrones band, where he is a frontman and electric guitarist, and sings his own lyrics in Russian.
– He is also part of the another 5-member Crispy Newspaper as an electric guitarist.
– He was a temporary “drummer” (he made beats on a computer) after Aleksandra left and before Pyotr joined the band.
– He works in House of Musicians in Yakutsk as guitar teacher.
– He was against naming the band “Sobo”.

Pyotr Boedoek

Stage Name: Pyotr Boedoek (Пётр Бөдөк)
Birth Name: Pyotr Valeriyevich Semyonov (Пётр Валерьевич Семёнов)
Position: Drummer, Electric Guitarist
Birth Year: 1997

Pyotr Boedoek Facts:
– He is from the city of Nyurba, Nyurbinski district.
– He graduated from Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University.
– He worked in educational administration.
– He is the last member to join the band.
– He was a fan of Sobo, he often listened to their songs while going to and going home from his job.
– He became a member of the band in one day. He was in a bar, where Sobo performed without a drummer. Aina asked the audience if there was a drummer. Having some experience in drumming, Pyotr was pushed to accept the offer by his friends. He was quickly taught a few beats, and after the performance he was offered an official membership in a band.
– He likes skiing.
– He also plays guitar.
– He is a teacher of English in a school in Yakutsk. He thinks it is his fate to teach children.
– He had been part of Drrones band, where he plays drums and bass guitar. He was brought in by Mark.

Former Member:
Aleksandra Ivanova

Stage Name: Aleksandra Ivanova (Александра Иванова)
Birth Name: Aleksandra Ivanova (Александра Иванова)
Position: Drummer
Birth Year: 1992 (?)

Aleksandra Ivanova Facts:
– She was a founder of the band.
– She graduated from Ammosov North Eastern Federal University, Institute of Engineering & Technology.

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