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Hello House Members Profile

Hello House Profile: Hello House Facts

Hello House is a TikTok collaboration group consisting of 4 TikTok creators: Wonjeong, Sky Lee, Noah, and Sia Jiwoo.

Hello House Official Accounts:
Instagram: @hellohouse_official
TikTok: @hellohouse_official
Business Email: [email protected]

Hello House Members:

Name: Wonjeong (원정)
Birth Name: Seo Won Jeong (서원정)
Birthday: November 20, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 172cm (5’8″)
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: ox_zung
TikTok: ox_zung

Wonjeong Facts:
– His favorite color is pink. (video)
– He majored in audio engineering in college. (제시의 쇼터뷰)
– He started TikTok simply for fun while attending college. Eventually, he found out that making short clips is for him. (제시의 쇼터뷰)
– His TikTok started gaining popularity one month after starting it. (제시의 쇼터뷰)
– He is a huge fan of black comedy. (제시의 쇼터뷰)
– He doesn’t make profits from the TikTok views. He earns from sponsors and YouTube views/ads since his videos go viral on that platform as well. (제시의 쇼터뷰)
– He has brachyphalangia, meaning he has very short thumbs. (제시의 쇼터뷰)
– He starred in greener’s “hey my love” music video in 2021. (video)
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Sky Lee

Name: Sky Lee
Birth Name: Lee Ha Neul (이하늘)
Birthday: 1997
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 178cm (5’10”)
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: im_skylee
TikTok: 1eesky
YouTube: 리하늘 LEESKY

Sky Lee Facts:
– His favorite color is blue.
– He works at a cafe.
-He use to be apart of the group “CICI“.


Name: Noah (노아)
Birth Name: Park Dong Ju (박동주)
Birthday: August 22, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 173cm (5’8″)
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: noah_evel
TikTok: noah_evel
Facebook: dongju.tus
YouTube: tv동주쓰

Noah Facts:
– His favorite color is blue.
– He is a hip-hop dancer.
– Noah lives in Seoul, South Korea.
– Some people mistake him for a high school student.
– He completed his military service.

Sia Jiwoo

Name: Sia Jiwoo (시아지우)
Birth Name: Park Ji Woo (박지우)
Birthday: April 7, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 167cm (5’5″)
Weight: 53kg (116 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: sia_jiwoo
TikTok: sia_jiwoo
YouTube: 시아지우sia_jiwoo
YouTube Shorts: SiaJiwoo shorts

Sia Jiwoo Facts:
– She has an older sister. (YT Q&A)
– She became an idol trainee at the age of 19. (YT Q&A)
– She has tattoos on her arms.
– Her MBTI type is ENTP. (YT Q&A)
– She’s interested in dancing. (YT Q&A)
– The platform she communicates through most often is Instagram. (YT Q&A)
– She uses Sia instead of Park because she felt like Park Ji Woo was a male name so she wanted a feminine name. She picked about 10 names Seol-ah Yoon, Sia Yoon, Se-ah Yoon, etc., and asked her middle school friends to vote for the best name with Sia getting the most votes. (YT Q&A)
– Her father calls her Siwoo (시우) and Jia (지아) since watching TikTok in 2020. (YT Q&A)
– Her parents strongly recommended that Jiwoo try to become an idol, they believed in her and supported her. They encouraged her until she gave up. (YT Q&A)
– In whatever she does, her parents always support her. (YT Q&A)
– She mostly uses Brandy, Ably, and ZigZag apps to buy clothes. (YT Q&A)
– When she was 5 years old, she started dancing. While majoring in Korean dance, she also took ballet and modern dance classes. (YT Q&A)
– She was a member of a dance team in her second year of middle school and a member of a dance club in high school. (YT Q&A)
– She has a huge appetite so she can’t say no to late-night meals and dinner. That’s why she has only coffee for breakfast and some snacks for lunch. (YT Q&A)
– Many people ask for her phone number but she doesn’t find it strange. (YT Q&A)
– She makes her income from commercials and advertisements. (YT Q&A)
– Since childhood, her dream was to become a historical drama actress. That’s why she’s seriously learning acting now to achieve it. (YT Q&A)
– Her favorite coffeehouse is A Twosome Place (투썸플레이스) since they make Americano that suits her taste. Also, Coffee Bean for their Hazelnut Latte because of their beverage powder/syrup.  (YT Q&A)
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins flavor is Cookies and Cream. (YT Q&A)
– Coffee she recommends everyone to try is the cold brew dolce latte. (YT Q&A)
– She really hates Americano with high acidity. (YT Q&A)
– She worked part-time at a coffee shop for 2 years. (YT Q&A)
– She likes coffee so much that she makes it at home. (YT Q&A)
– She doesn’t understand people’s jokes. (YT Q&A)
– She heard a lot that from the outside she looks cold and indifferent. (YT Q&A)
– She had double eyelid surgery in early 2021. She is very satisfied with the result. (YT Q&A)
– She’s a fan of YouTubers SINI (시니) and Hyesunnie (혜서니). (YT Q&A)
– On YouTube, she subscribes to 1MILLION Dance Studio but her favorite channel is DALLA STUDIO. (YT Q&A)
– She thinks Kimdal‘s (김달) videos are the best for dating advice. She also watches his live streams. (YT Q&A)
– In 2018, she started uploading YouTube videos. (YT Q&A)
– Regarding her skin, she goes to the dermatologist once a month for treatment. (YT Q&A)
– She uses a selfie app called Ulike and SODA. (YT Q&A)
– She takes photos with her phone camera and edits them in the Facetune app. To touch up her face shape, eye size, and body shape. (YT Q&A)
– She’s an iPhone user. (YT Q&A)
– Her TikTok videos are filmed by a director, using Sony ZV-1 camera which she uses for vlogs as well, Sony A7S3, Sony FX3, Sony FX6, Canon C200, and Canon R5.

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