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SEOHO (ONEUS) Profile and Facts:

SEOHO (서호)
is a member of the South Korean boy group ONEUS.

Stage Name: SEOHO (서호)
Birth Name: Lee Gun Min (이건민) he legally changed his name to
Lee Seo Ho (이서호)
Birthday: June 7, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 176cm (5’9″)
Weight: 63kg (139lbs)
Blood Type: A

SEOHO Facts:
– Born in Busan, South Korea but raised in Daejeon, South Korea.
-He has one sibling, an older sister. (ONEUS DO IT MSC Episode: MSC FREEDOM pt. 1)
-‘XION’ was supposed to be his stage name.
-He changed his name from Gunmin to Seoho, but the members still frequently call him his original name.
-His position in ONEUS is as Main Vocalist.
-Playing football and basketball and asking useless questions are his hobbies.
-His nicknames include: Gunminie, Tori, and Squirrel
-He enjoys yummy and fun things.
-He is the second oldest member in the group.
-He can be very clumsy and causes messes at times.
-He is under RBW.
-He really dislikes wasabi, mint, pepper and ginger.
-SEOHO likes eating fruit cake.
-He became a trainee at RBW in March of 2016.
-He has dreamed of becoming a singer since he was 20 years old.
-Seoho is very good at tumbling and doing flips.
-He has his driver’s license.
-SEOHO has/had abs.
-He frequently reads letters from his and ONEUS’s fans.
-He has a bag that has a stuffed animal frog on it. It has a similar likeness to the pepe meme.
-His role model is Bruno Mars.
-He originally auditioned to be a rapper, before he learned he could sing.
-His specialties/strengths include working out and and creating a good environment by laughing a lot.
-SEOHO believes his attractive points are his sweet vocals and eyesmile.
-He has the ability to do high jumps.
-He used to train in a type of martial arts called hapkido.
-He enjoys listening to hip hop music.
-He is rather flexible.
-His members say that his position when he sleeps is like Sleeping Beauty.
-He likes to make corny jokes that involve his name.
-He can laugh without opening his mouth, which makes him look like a witch.
-Seoho had previously auditioned for JYP Entertainment.
-According to Leedo and Xion, he is very easy going and jokes around a lot. (“I Shall Debut” ep.2)
-SEOHO is the happy virus of the group, and can always cheer up his members.
-SEOHO and Leedo are the ‘Tom and Jerry’ of the group.
-On Produce 101, Seoho was a contestant and ranked 94th.
-He was also a contestant on MIXNINE and ranked 17th.
-The rest of the members consider him the mom of the group. (K DIAMOND)
-SEOHO appeared in Solar of MAMAMOO‘s “In My Dreams” MV.

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