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S.COUPS (SEVENTEEN) Profile and Facts:
Stage name: S.COUPS (에스.쿱스)
Birth name: Choi Seung Cheol (최승철)
Birthday: August 8, 1995
Zodiac sign: Leo
Nationality: Korean
Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
MBTI Type: ISTP (His previous result was INFP)
Representative Emoji:
Instagram: @sound_of_coups
Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team (Leader), SVT Leaders
Instagram: @sound_of_coups
S.Coups’ Spotify list:  Songs that I like

S.COUPS Facts:
– He was born in Daegu, South Korea.
– He has an older brother.
– Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts (‘14), Hanyang University (Practical Music Major – Kpop Course)
– He was a trainee for 6 years.
– His nicknames are: 17’s Father, Beagle King
– He’s one of the original Pledis Boys.
– S.Coups was supposed to debut with NU’EST.
– He was formally a member of ‘Tempest’ before Seventeen was created.
– He’s the dad of the group.
– His favorite Korean Singers are Big Bang’s Taeyang & Seol Kyung Goo.
– He wants to meet Taeyang.
– His dream is to become an actor.
– He’s a black belt in Taekwondo (learned it for 7 years).
– He has dimples.
– His eyelashes are 1 cm long. (“Weekly Idol”)
– His hobbies are reading, playing games and sports.
– His favorite colors are Red and White.
– His favorite number is 8.
– His favorite foods are tonkatsu, kimchi stew, pickled radish, pork cutlet.
– He likes cherries.
– His favorite Baskin Robbins 31 ice cream flavor is cherry jubilee.
– He dislikes anything too spicy or sour (wasabi and lemon), but loves buldak stir-fried noodles (hot chicken flavor ramen).
– He said he always disliked foods with lotus root in them.
– He is competitive when playing games.
– He prefers tan skin to white skin.
– He doesn’t like roller-coasters.
– Between Summer or Winter, he prefers Summer.
– His shoe size is 260mm.
– Prior debut, he featured on After School/Orange Caramel Raina‘s solo song “Superwoman”.
– He starred in After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy” MV and NU’EST’s “Face” MV
– He was voted by the other members as the manliest member.
– He doesn’t exercise much, but his muscles grow quickly.
– He says he hates to show his weaknesses but he’s actually very fragile inside.
– He says he’s most confident when it comes to power. He’s stronger than all his friends and hyungs, so he calls himself the Beagle King (being crazy).
– He said if he could add another member into the Hip Hop unit, he would add Hoshi so he could choreograph their choreographies for them.
– His role models are Uknow Yunho, G-Dragon and Zico.
– His stage name S.Coups comes from: S – his name Sungcheol, Coups – Coup d’état. (He created his stage name himself. )
– The meaning behind his real name is that Seung means clearly winning/winning and the Cheol means fair. It means to win fairly.
– He tries to present himself strongly, but in reality, he is someone who’s easily moved to tears. Whenever the members cry, it makes him cry as well. (From Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– Even if he has things that are troubling, he doesn’t sound things out and just work quietly.
– The other members go out and do stuff, but he’s a person who has to sleep when he gets the chance. (From Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– He likes wearing refreshing and cool accessories to give him an edge.
– He goes shopping with Mingyu to his recommended stores. (From Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– If anything, he’s reliable. There are many times younger fans ask, “Can I call you Oppa?” and older fans think he looks like a reliable person, which makes him happy. Some people who relies on him are Jeonghan and Seungkwan. When they speak to him about their troubles, he gives them honest answers. (From Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– He’s a mischievous person. He splashes water on his friends who are sleeping with their heads on the table and run away quickly. He’s close with his teachers and keeps in contact with them even now. (From Japanese Seventeen Magazine)
– In “One Fine Day” he said he finds cool two types of people: people who can play the piano and people that can cook.
– He easily gets scared by many things.
– He likes the kind of sport where he could compete with others because he’s a very competitive person.
– In One Fine Day Japan, it was said that during trainee year, Mingyu told Jeonghan, who was a new trainee, to call him senior/’sunbae-nim’. Later during a fansign, it was revealed that S.Coups was the mastermind behind it, he was the one telling Mingyu to do so.
– If S.Coups was a girl, and would have to pick someone in SVT to date, he would pick himself because he said that he’s good looking. (One Fine Day)
– In the dorm he used to share a room with Wonwoo. (Dorm 1 – which is downstairs, floor 6th)
– Update: As of June 2020, in the dorm he has his own room.
S.COUPS’s ideal type is someone who can cook well and who eats a lot.

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