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Who rocks black hair? (Kpop male edition)

Who rocks black hair? (Kpop male edition)

Let’s see which Kpop boy group idol looks best with black hair. The classic, black hair color is highly worn in Korea, present to at least one member in pretty much every band. While it is not as eye-catching as other bright colors (which are also very popular in the Kpop culture), we gotta admit that black has its charm, giving its “owner” an elegant, stylish look.

Since so many Kpop idols used black hair, we tried to stick with one member/band. (Please be understanding that we couldn’t cover up all the bands out there). XD

Eric (Shinhwa)

Siwon (Super Junior)

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Yunho (TVXQ)

Jaejoong (JYJ)

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

Minho (SHINee)

Taecyeon (2PM)

Yoseob (B2ST)

Jinyoung (B1A4)

Zelo (B.A.P)

Sungjae (BTOB)

L (Infinite)

Younghwa (CN Blue)

P.O (Block B)


L.Joe (ex Teen Top)

Chanyeol (EXO)

Jungkook (BTS)

Jackson (GOT7)

Kyungil (History)

Mino (Winner)

B.I (iKon)

Hyungwon (Monsta X)

Mingyu (Seventeen)

Taeyong (NCT 127)

Mark (NCT Dream)

Xiao (UP10TION)

Zuho (SF9)

Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Yanan (Pentagon)

NOTE: Please don’t ask for new entries in the poll, especially if that specific band already has a member listed. We know there are a lot of other Kpop idols who could be added to this poll, but with each new picture added, the page loads even slower for the visitors with slow internet connections. So, please be understanding! Thanks! 🙂

Who rocks black hair? (Kpop male edition) - You can vote up to 3 members

What’s your choice? Which kpop male idol looks better with black/dark hair? Feel free to comment below. If your bias isn’t listed in the poll, feel free to share his pic with the community in the comments section.

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  • Marinne

    Mark NCT Dream! *__*

  • You used a picture of yanan from pentagon xD

  • KProfiles

    Thanks a lot for the heads up! It has been corrected! xD

  • kelly

    my vote goes to *drums* ….Taeyong!!! 😀

  • Moshieroo

    Oh god damn, did everyone choose Jungkook just because?

  • Kaly

    Jackson and Cha Eunwoo ! <3

  • Tae

    Taecyeon for me 😀

  • Emma Ward

    Siwon rules classy black hair

  • Kryssi

    …I mean I’m biased so of course I chose Chanyeol, Jungkook and Jackson 😂

  • Qery

    Zelo baby!!!

  • Icedpeachtea

    Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiao

  • Karin

    Song Kyungil + Black Hair + Black Suit = Death trap ❤


  • AIVA

    they look damn so hot!!! why????!!!!

  • ☆ Giu(lia) ☆

    Where is Ten (Nct U)? hahahaha i luv his black hair

  • Arkane

    Why isn’t there Jimin ?? q-q I was looking for him in this poll bc he looks so hot with black hair omg

  • What happened to black Suga(r)? That would have worked even better than kookie

  • Lili

    Couldn’t agree more I was shocked ..but jk is in his best in black .I don’t like lighter color on him …tho sugar rocks it more

  • ene

    my jackson looks hotter with blonde, i think ._.
    but, it’s fine.
    he’s hot in anyway :3

  • can i suggest adding pyo jihoon to the list bc honestly,, holy shit he looks so hWO. here is reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i5SAHHxLJs

  • Kryssi

    I hope BigHit (Snakeu) never touch Yoongi-oppa’s black hair…

  • wey

    I agree! Suga is best in black hair <3

  • wey

    I totally agree! Both Suga and Jungkook look best in black. <3

  • KProfiles

    He was added to the list! 🙂

  • I will riot if they do. You can’t jsut give the fans something so sexy and adorable at the same time AND THEN TAKE IT AWAY ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭

  • Bouchera Thatgurl
  • Bts Trash
  • Olamide

    They all look good with black hair, but i died when i saw JUNGKOOK.

  • Wilder AUGE

    Can’t chose!!!

  • Ko.Ko.Bop.lover663

    Where is lay and baekhyun even sehun?

  • Kawtar Smile

    WTH where is black sugar????

  • hangma limbu

    cha eunwoo deserves the title cause he has never changed his hair color ever

  • Jenna Silvey

    yall biased for kookie mmm, i obviously chose Marky, but taeyong is my bias aka Oh daddy!

  • RapBella Bb

    Where is Jin

  • Skye Phoenix

    I chose Hyungwon.

  • Haleigh

    what about Suga from Bangtan!!!

  • No one important…

    YASSSSSS!!!!!!! I thought that Xero with the black hair was one of the best choices HUNUS Entertainment ever made lol!!!!
    He’s not my bias though, Hansol is… Is he (Xero) your bias? ^^ WAIT!!! Hansol should be here too!!!! He looks AMAZING with black hair!!! (Along with Xero) @KpopProfiles PLEASE ADD HANSOL AND XERO!!!!!!! Please and Thank you! ^^

  • No one important…

    I guess I’m the only one who voted for Xiao?……… :<

  • Hansoliebjoo


  • Ambrethile

    Can we talk about Shinee’s Taemin ? He looks like an anime character with black (also blond) hair ! 🙂

  • sam UI

    I didn’t vote. They all look good in black hair since they were born with it. The only difference is their hair style.

  • Nisrina Luthfiyah

    What about D.O EXO??

  • Tentastic

    Yanan and Zuho my fav☆☆

  • Tentastic

    Zuho And Yanan Is My Choosen♡♡

  • Julia Bindang

    Jungkook and Chanyeol

  • Chaelisa is life
  • Maebara Kaia

    poll’s not working buT I HOPE YANAN GETS TO THE TOP5 ATLEAST

  • KProfiles

    Is the poll still not working? It keeps giving us headaches. =/

  • Monneko Sentouki

    Monsta X Hyungwon FTW!!🙌

  • Swaggeniussuga!!!
  • KProfiles

    Unfortunately we had to add just 1 representative/ each band other way the page would have become huge and people with slow internet connections wouldn’t be able to load the page at all. =/
    But it’s good you shared the pic of your biases with the community! ^_^

  • Monsta_P!NK
  • Part Time Pervert
  • Jannah Adam

    I think anyone can look good in black hair. It’s just the hairstyle they use. Cha Eunwoo looks good in black hair, but his hairstyle form the picture must be fixed. It also depends on the angle the picture’s taken for the face and the face expression itself can change the look of them with any hair or outfit

  • Simona1877

    ❤ Jungkook, Taeyong, Mingyu ❤

  • GOT7 fangirl

    I vote jackson taeyong and gd

  • Choi Minki


  • Choi Minki


  • Sammy Tuilaepa

    Where’s Jimin?

  • K-Pop and Chill

    I’m pretty G-Dragon biased, but I think it’s Mark or Cha Eunwoo. Cha Eunwoo is the definition of perfect haha




    you made me cry

  • Kpop_Trivia

    I decided NOT to support Jungkook, even though i’m an Army-Blink.
    I don’t think Jungkook’s Black hair is my style.
    Mark, G-dragon, and Minho (SHinee) definitely suit it for me.

  • Bismah Tariq Ansari

    jungkook, hyungwon and mingyu

  • carm3n

    scoups is cutee

  • J.

    Since when is grey hair considered black?