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Present (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Present (Girls Planet 999) Members Profile

Present (선물) is a temporary group formed for Girls Planet 999’s Combination Mission. The group consists of 6 members: Choi Yujin, Shen Xiao Ting, Su Ruiqi, Yamauchi Moana, May and Kang Yeseo. They performed “Fate” by Lee Sun-hee. They won however only 5 of them survived: Choi Yujin, Shen Xiao Ting, Su Ruiqi, May and Kang Yeseo.

Present Members:
Shen Xiao Ting

Birth Name: Shen Xiao Ting (沈小婷/션샤오팅/シェン·シャオティン)
Birthday: November 12, 1999
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Leader, Dancer
Company: Top Class Entertainment
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Choi Yu Jin

Birth Name: Choi Yu Jin (최유진/崔有眞/チェ・ユジン)
Birthday: August 12, 1996
Nationality: Korean
Position: Dancer
Company: Cube Entertainment
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Su Rui Qi

Birth Name: Su Rui Qi (苏芮琪/수루이치/スー·ルイチー)
Birthday: August 20, 2000
Nationality: Chinese
Position: Dancer
Company: ETM Skies
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Yamauchi Moana

Birth Name: Yamauchi Moana (山内 若杏名/야마우치 모아나)
Birthday: January 28, 2002
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Dancer
Company: NiD Academy
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Birth Name: Hirokawa Mao (廣川茉音/히로카와 마오)
Birthday: November 16, 2004
Nationality: Japanese
Position: Dancer
Company: FNC Entertainment
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Kang Ye Seo

Birth Name: Kang Ye Seo (강예서/姜睿緖/カン・イェソ)
Birthday: August 22, 2005
Nationality: Korean
Position: Dancer, Killing Part
Company: 143 Entertainment
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