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Most Popular Kpop Boy Group Leader?

Who’s the best K-pop boy band leader?

The leader of a Kpop group is not a mandatory position, but most groups tend to have one. The majority of times the leader is the oldest member of the group but sometimes the member who connects the best with all other band mates will become the leader. He is expected to be mature, charismatic and to be able to take care of the other members, motivate his colleagues and represent them in various ways (speaking in interviews, on stage etc.)

Let’s see who’s the most popular kpop boy group leader.

Eric (Shinhwa)
Eric (Shinhwa) width=

Leeteuk (Super Junior)
Leeteuk (Super Junior)

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

Yunho (TVXQ)
Yunho (TVXQ)

G-Dragon (BigBang)
G-Dragon (BigBang)

Doojoon (B2ST)
Doojoon (B2ST)

Onew (SHINee) 
Onew (SHINee)

Sunggyu (INFINITE)
Sunggyu (INFINITE)

Yungguk (B.A.P)
Yungguk (B.A.P)

Zico (Block B)
Zico (Block B)

Jinyoung (B1A4)
Jinyoung (B1A4)


C.A.P. (Teen Top)
C.A.P. (Teen Top)


Eunkwang (BTOB)
Eunkwang (BTOB)

Donghyun (Boyfriend)
Donghyun (Boyfriend)

Yonghwa (CNBLUE)
Yonghwa (CNBLUE)

Suho (EXO)
Suho (EXO)

Rap Monster (BTS)


Seungyoon (Winner)
Seungyoon (Winner)

S.Coups (Seventeen)
S.Coups (Seventeen)

Shownu (MonstaX)
Shownu (MonstaX)

B.I (iKon)
B.I (iKon)

Sungjin (DAY6)
<Sungjin (DAY6)

Taeyong (NCT 127)
Mark (NCT Dream)

Hui (Pentagon)

Jisung (Wanna One)
Jisung (Wanna One)

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)
Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Who's the most popular Kpop boy group leader?

Who’s your favorite K-pop boy group leader? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Lovely

    Best leader Jinyoung <3 <3 <3

  • Fery

    Yongguk my baby!!!!!!

  • Kun Thea
  • junnie

    Eric is the best leader in my opinion. Love you oppa! <3

  • Noni21
  • Pilar QTI

    Leader Gyu <3

  • Pilar QTI
  • haru♡

    Suho!! and Rap Monster!!

  • Bts Army’s

    I rather vote for Suho and Rapmon !!!
    Sungyu Infinite?! My god … Don’t judge a book by it’s cover .. Rapmon is beautiful from outside and inside …!
    #ARMY #VoteRapmon #WELOVEBTS

  • Eni Sentei Khiangte

    For me.. it’s Rap Monster.. 🙎💓

  • saeree

    Sunggyu is the best leader,no more doubts.And popular one,ha,ha,INFINITE cute leadernim is popular for his infinite talents & being antiager.Sunggyu & his little 6 kids=cutefinite
    I like G-dragon,JB & leeteuk too.

  • rety

    Sunggyu is the best & popular one for a reason.

  • phelia

    sunggyu yes i agre💜💜💜

  • Winture

    S.Coups or Shownu xD

  • Jasmin Thomas

    Yongguk is defiantly my favorite leader i mean how can you resist him and his handsomeness

  • Selle Gallentes Villar
  • TaeMina Kim

    You are definitely right!!!!! Even Jungkook wouldn’t be on BTS right now if our Leader Mon isn’t talented, the reason why Jungkook auditioned because of our Leader Mon’s talent!!!! 🙂

  • Mumtaz Sausan Yamandharlie
  • Natalie Housholder
  • namuxgyuzizi

    If this is another popularity vote we know who would win. However, my vote will be for Sunggyu. He’s talented, smart, witty, POLITE and a good brother to his members. He is firm as a leader, funny and reliable as a brother. Their relationship is GENUINE and he can keep his members in line. You can tell that he is that central bond that brings members altogether and tight. He knows how to push the members to their best. Another vote for LeeTeuk, Onew and Eric. Not only do their groups (INFINITE, SuJu, Shinhwa, Shinee) got through the 7-year jinx and still making best-selling albums up to this day BUT also, these leaders were ACKNOWLEDGED by their FELLOW artists and seniors of their LEADERSHIP SKILLS.


  • This was hard for meeee

  • Min Yoongi im gonna sue you! ♡

    Rapmonster Fighting! ❤

  • taehyung~

    GD and rapmon

  • abha singh

    JB, Suho and RM

  • Chaelisa is life
  • MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate

    I love that you included Mark and not Taeyong😂😂😂
    (I’m not being sarcastic btw)

  • GyuJoo

    Sunggyu all the way ..

    So glad you include Madtown Moos …

  • Val Harris

    Rapmon, Suho, and G-Dragon

  • Shafaq Aziz

    i want to choose more than one like rap mon suho jb onew .

  • Bun-Bun

    suho & sunggyu

  • Umaizah Rahat

    JR and RM

  • Bashitm61

    Eunkwang, B.I. G-dragon, Sunggyu

  • Mark Lee’s other half

    Leeteuk, Yunho, G-dragon, Donjoo, Onew, Yongguk, Zico, Jinyoung, N, Eunkwang, Donghyun, Suho, Rap Monster, JB, S.Coups, Shownu, Mark, and Taeyong!!!!

  • Maulida Annisa Uzzulfa

    Please change their profil picture with the newest pict :’v please i cant take it

  • Khadije Khodakarami

    Nct dream dont have a leader mark isnt a leader

  • jaebeom for sure
    add knk’s jihun lol

  • Mya

    Mark isn’t nct dreams leader. They don’t even have one because their not a fixed group. Source- https://youtu.be/28kI8kcthAE FF to minute 13:12.

  • KProfiles

    Yes, but the poll was created in 2016, when Mark was yet to confirm that he isn’t the NCT Dream’s leader.
    Anyway, thanks for the heads up, he has been removed from the poll. 🙂

  • Serenity Reynolds

    i did Taeyong i would have done RM but sometimes when he makes a sexy face i start thinking of the word RAPIST and get scared for my fucking life. like this picture makes me feel like GOD DAMN PREY AND I DON’T LIKE THE FEELING ONE BIT!!!

  • Old man

    Rapmon, gd, ofc, and my mom, taeyong, WHO TF CAN RAISE 17 CHILD AND STILL LOOK GOOD?!

  • GOT7 fangirl


  • benie blue

    ok but bang chan is an amazing leader !! ❤ and anyone who says otherwise obviously doesn’t even know skz. ://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d45f1205d9630813557eeef658c08c7b1f1e249e1dc1e046939c8e9783c8e8d7.jpg

  • Zico!

  • Lola

    G-Dragon, JB and RM <3
    All around know how to care for their members and are amazing music producers and writers! Definitely top 3 <3

  • Beatha Aminah R

    Please it’s YONGGUK

  • Shandee Jane Ortiz Felisarta

    leeteuk and rapmon!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • sᴛᴀɴ ᴛʀᴄɴɢ & sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs

    Hands down chan.

  • sᴛᴀɴ ᴛʀᴄɴɢ & sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs

    he’s so caring and supportive and selfless and i- im soft for him 🙁

  • wtf, that’s disrespectful. I get that some people may not like the picture but that doesn’t mean you go out and shout “RAPIST” it’s not like he’s in your face threatening you or something.

  • Josiethebtsgoat


  • Reyrey.Jae

    I think its gonna taeyong cause in taeyong group they have 21 member ang its gonna hard well i know kun is leader too from wayv but they group have many member and the all of nct member i think not like other idols

  • IArmyOnce7

    Yes They Are M My Squishy Leaders 😅😂😘

  • arvy

    If we look soley on leadership abilities it’s definitely Suho.

  • Zoe.A

    Awww… Seungyoon should have more vote imo… He’s a pretty cool leader so, check out Winner if you haven’t!

  • Nono


  • Alisha

    Awwe, you can’t vote for Bang Chan. :'(

  • dani🌸

    Don’t put Bang Chan on the list but not allow us to vote for him. Legit not voting for anyone else bc Bang Chan is the ultimate leader 😃

  • kyo

    Lee Sangyeon 😔

  • Angel30

    Taeyong is only leader in NCT U

  • Lyra

    agreed. rapist is just… disrespectful