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Okamura Nana Profile and Facts

Okamura Nana Profile & Facts

Okamura Nana (岡村菜那) is a Japanese trainee who is currently competing on the survival show Produce 101 Japan The Girls. 

Birth Name: Okamura Nana (岡村菜那)
Birthday: August 19, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 159 cm (5’3)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Japanese

 Okamura Nana Facts:
– She is from Hokkaido, Japan
– Some of her hobbies are: watching kpop/k-dramas, listening to her favorite songs and dancing along, and watching kitten videos.
– Her specialties are playing tennis and making people smile
– She prefers cats over dogs, indoors over outdoors, and is more of an optimist than someone who worries
– She breaks things constantly
– Her current favorite song is ‘I LOVE…’ by Official Hige Dandism.

Produce 101 Japan The Girls Information:
– Ranking by Episode: EP1 #80, EP2 #58, EP3 #61, EP5 #67
– Signal Song Fancam
– 1 Minute PR
– Eye Contact
– In episode 1 she was ranked 80th in the contestant voted evaluation and was ranked in Grade C after her introduction stage.
– She was introduced with the keyword ‘Cool Girls’ because each contestant in the team was born in a cold region.
– Takami Ayane vs Okamura Nana 
– In episode 4 she performed Tokyo Girl by Perfume 
Tokyo Girl Fancam
– She was eliminated in Episode 5 after ranking 67th place in the first elimination.

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