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Watanabe Miyu Profile and Facts

Watanabe Miyu Profile and Facts

Watanabe Miyu (渡辺未優) is a Japanese trainee and a contestant on the Japanese survival show PRODUCE 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS.

Name: Watanabe Miyu (渡辺未優)
Birthday: May 14, 2007
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Height: 158 cm (5’1″)
Blood Type:
Instagram: miyu_514_
TikTok: miyumiyu_0514_

Watanabe Miyu Facts:
– She is a former member of temporary idol group Lovely2 (2020-2021).
– Miyu played the role of Tsubasa Aiba in the Japanese tokusatsu show Police x Heroine Lovepatrina!, the 4th instalment in the Girls x Heroine series, as well as it’s movie Police x Heroine Lovepatrina!: The Movie.
– She also made a cameo appearance towards the end of Secret x Heroine Phantomirage!: The Movie as an unnamed girl (who later turned out to be Tsubasa).
– Her older sister, Rina, participated in LDH‘s The Girl Audition in 2018. Her sister is known as a social media influencer and she owns her own clothing brand.
– Miyu’s MBTI type is ESFP.
– She has 4 pet dogs named Noa, Pudding, Roy and Soy.
– Her favourite foods are strawberries, bread, beef tongue, Japanese food and beef bowls.
– Her favourite drink is coffee.
– Her favourite animanga is Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba.
– Her favourite colour is brown.
– Miyu’s favourite season is autumn.
– Her favourite song right now is “Easy On Me” by Adele.
– Her hobbies are watching YouTube videos, watching K-Dramas, playing with dogs and doing her nails.
– Her special skill is making friends.
– Her interests are hairstyling and doing makeup.
– Her favourite Lovepatrina weapon is the Lovepat Shuffle.
– When the Lovepatrina cast filmed in the haunted house, Miyu was scared due to her fear of haunted houses.
– Miyu would like to visit South Korea.
– She really loves Disney, and would visit Disneyland at least twice a year.
– Lovely2 staff compared Miyu to a dog when it came to animals.

PRODUCE 101 JAPAN The Girls Info:
– In Episode 1 of PROUCE 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS, she was ranked 69th in the contestant voting evaluation.
– She was the unit MYDO Girls with Kagura KatoAyano KamioKotone SakataMei Shibuya and Hana Tanaka.
– After her unit’s performance, she was given a Grade D.

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