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Ohway! Profile and Facts

Ohway! Profile and Facts

Ohway! (오웨이) is a South Korean solo singer and music producer under Prismfilter Music Group.

Stage Name: Ohway! (오웨이)
Birth Name: Lee Mingyu (이민규)
Birthday: August 5, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 185 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: o_h_way
Official Spotify: Ohway!
Company: PRISMFILTER Music Group

Ohway! Facts:
– His hometown is Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
– His stage name is Ohway! with the !
– He started his career as a Producer, Composer and Arranger
– Just like the other Producers under Prismfilter, he is mostly involved in projects with Pledis Entertainment artists
— He has worked with many familiar names such as BUMZU, BIGONE, soloist Summercake, Astro and others.
– He has also worked on the original soundtrack for Korean dramas “Good Job” (OST part.1 & part. 6) and “Bad Presecutor” (OST. part 7)
– He re-arranged songs for The Boyz on MNET Road To Kingdom and MNET Kingdom Legendary War
– Made his debut as a solo singer on April 3, 2023 with a Pop Punk Single Album “Love Comes With Melody” (Hangeul: 사랑은 멜로디를 타고)
– On his debut day he wrote that finally he can show the music he’s been dreaming of and that suits him.
– Held his first Release Party for his single album on April 21, 2023 with his friends in Seoul.
– He likes Pop Punk/Punk Rock music.
– Has recently become addictive to grape juice.
– Attended Howon University Department of Practical Music.
– He has 3 Instagram accounts.
– He highly recommends the song “In Too Deep” by SUM 41 and advises his fans to watch the MV.
– He was annoyed that ChatGPT did not recognized him and had mistaken his name for the spa salon’s name but then said he just needs to live and work harder.
– Lately he likes to listen to songs from Japanese singers/bands, especially the Pop Punk/Punk Rock genres.
– He is friend with Baekho (soloist, ex. Nu’est).
– He plays bass for Baekho and Bumzu performance at Weverse Concert Festival.
– Close friend with Kim Mingyu from Seventeen, they come from the same hometown and even have the same name.
– When he debuted, all Seventeen members promoted his song on Instagram.
– Appeared in the VERNON – ‘Black Eye’ Band Session Video as a bassist, he’s also the composer of the song “Black Eye“.
– Appeared a lil bit in the SVT Club Eps. 1.
– Appeared in Bumzu’s VLOG 범주적 시점 EP1. 진실과 거짓 (Truth or False).
– Has a Fender Japan Exclusive Classic 70s Precision Bass Owh 2017 which he used to produce the songs.
– He is friends with Do Hanse from Victon, rapper BIGONE, Rooftop Dive, DJ Producer Deepshower, Hwang Minjae from D82 and others.
– He released his second single “What more can I say” (Hangeul: 무슨 말을 못해) featuring Dive on June, 4th 2023.
– He first met BUMZU when he was 20 years old, Seventeen Mingyu was the one who introduced him to BUMZU.
– BUMZU then gave him his stage name, when he asked him the meaning, BUMZU replied that it’s mean nothing, simply just because the name was good.
– Discography for the songs he produced and all song projects he is involved in can be seen at o_h_discography he also likes to recommend songs through that account.

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