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Kingdom: Legendary War Profile (Survival Show)

Kingdom: Legendary War Profile: Sequel to ‘Road To Kingdom’ Survival Show

Kingdom: Legendary War is the sequel/spin-off to the reality survival show Road To Kingdom, which was sequel to Queendom. Kingdom will feature famous male K-Pop groups. The winner of Road To Kingdom, The Boyz, is joining the rest of the groups in Kingdom. The show began airing on April 1st, 2021, on Mnet.

The groups participating in Kingdom: Legendary War are BtoB, iKON, SF9, The Boyz, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ.

The hosts are the K-Pop male duo, TVXQ.

The six groups will compete against each other and release music on streaming sites simultaneously. In the press conference PD Lee Young Joo announced that unlike during “Road To Kingdom“, this time there’d be no eliminations.

Voting Criteria:
– 25% voting by competing teams
– 25% expert panel score
– 40% domestic and global fan votes (on Whosfan app – for Android – for iOS)
– 10% video score

Kingdom: Legendary War: All Group Profiles:

BTOB consists of 6 members: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel and Sungjae. However due to military services, only 4 members will be participating in Kingdom: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel. They debuted on March 21, 2012, under CUBE Entertainment, making them the most senior group competing on Kingdom.
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Introduction Stage: Beautiful Pain (Choir Version)

1st Round:  Missing You (Theatre version)

2nd Round: Back Door (by Stray Kids)

3rd Round: “No Limit”

Final Round: Finale (Show and Prove)



iKON consists of 6 members: Bobby, Jay, Ju-ne, Song, DK and Chan. They were formed through the survival reality show, Mix & Match. They debuted on September 15th, 2015 under YG Entertainment.
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Introduction Stage: Rhythm Ta (Kingdom Version)

1st Round:  Love Scenario & Killing Me (Kingdom version)

2nd Round: Inception (iKon Ver.) (by ATEEZ)

3rd Round: “No Limit”

Final Round: At Ease



SF9 consists of 9 members: Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon, Taeyang, Hwiyoung and Chani. They debuted on October 5, 2016, under FNC Entertainment.
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Introduction Stage: Good Guy (The Glory I)

1st Round 1:  Jealous

2nd Round: The Stealer (The Scene) (by The Boyz)

3rd Round: “No Limit”

Final Round: Believer


The Boyz

The Boyz consists of 11 members: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Juhaknyeon, Sunwoo, and Eric. The Boyz debuted on December 6th, 2017, under Cre.Ker Entertainment.
The Boyz were the winners of Road To Kingdom.
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Introduction Stage: The Stealer (Epic Version)

1st Round:  No Air (A Song of Ice and Fire)

2nd Round: O Sole Mio (The Red Wedding) (by SF9)

3rd Round: “No Limit”

Final Round: Kingdom Come


Stray Kids

Stray Kids consists of 8 members: Bang Chan, Lee KnowChangbin, Hyunjin, Han, FelixSeungmin, and I.N. They were formed through the survival reality show, Stray Kids. They debuted on March 25th, 2018, under JYP Entertainment.
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Introduction Stage: Miroh

1st Round:  自神 (God’s Menu + Side Effect)

2nd Round: Pray (I’ll Be Your Man) (by BTOB)

3rd Round: “No Limit”

Final Round: Wolfgang



ATEEZ consists of 8 members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. It’s unknown if Mingi will join the rest of the group in Kingdom due to him being on a temporary hiatus. They debuted on October 24th, 2018, under KQ Entertainment.
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Introduction Stage: WAVE: Overture

1st Round:  Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland”

2nd Round: Rhythm Ta (The Awakening of Summer) (by iKon )

3rd Round: “No Limit”

Final Round: The Real


Rankings / Results
Introduction Stage: 100 second performance of a song that won a Music Show (Ep. 1)
1st place: Stray Kids – 690,971 votes
2nd place: The Boyz – 573,026 votes
3rd place: BTOB – 540,621 votes
4th place: SF9 – 533,458 votes
5th place: ATEEZ – 504,215 votes
6th place: iKon – 489,971 votes

*The scores for the preliminary round were determined based solely on fan votes. The winner of the preliminary round gets an advantage of 1000 points.

1st Round: To The World – Final Results (Ep. 2 & 3)
1st place: Stray Kids – 4,679.776
2nd place: Ateez – 4,418.537
3rd place: THE BOYZ – 3,142.066
4th place: BTOB – 2,969.431
5th place: iKON – 2,747.719
6th place: SF9 – 2,042.471

*The scores for the 1st Round are determined: Part 1 Judges’ vote (25%) + Groups’ vote (25%)
Part 2 – Fan voting on Whosfan app (40%) + Video views (10%)

2nd Round: Re:BORN – Final Results (Ep. 4 & 5)
1st place: ATEEZ – 3,607.063
2nd place: BTOB – 3,598.703
3rd place: SF9 – 3,494.122
4th place: Stray Kids – 3,386.248
5th place: iKon – 3,379.641
6th place: The Boyz – 2,534.222

3rd Round: No Limit – Part 1 (Ep. 7 & 8)
*Collaboration stage: team Mayflay (Ateez, Stray Kids, BtoB) vs team It’s One (iKon, The Boys, SF9)

Rap Unit:
1st place: Mayfly: Hongjoong (Ateez), Bang Chan, Changbin, Han (Stray Kids), Minhyuk (BtoB)
2nd place: It’s One: Bobby (iKon), Sunwoo (The Boyz), Hwiyoung (SF9)

Dance Unit:
1st place: Mayfly: Donghyuk (iKon), Juyeon (The Boyz), Taeyang (SF9)
2nd place: It’s One: Lee Know, Felix, I.N (Stray Kids), Wooyoung, San, Yunho, Yeosang, Seonghwa (Ateez), Peniel (BtoB)

Vocal Unit:
1st place: Mayfly: Jongho (Ateez), Eunkwang (BtoB), Seungmin (Stray Kids)
2nd place: It’s One: Sangyeon, New (The Boyz), Inseong, Jaeyoon (SF9), Ju-ne, Jay (IKon)

Finale Live Stages “Who Is The King” – Results:
1st place: Stray Kids – 17,807.787 points
2nd place: The Boyz – 14,905.941 points
3rd place: Ateez – 6,101.043 points
4th place: BtoB – 5,394.684 points
5th place: iKon – 3,669.811 points
6th place: SF9 – 2,120.735 points

Final (Overall) Ranking:

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Which group participating in “Kingdom: Legendary War” is your favorite?

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