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Trainee A Members Profile

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Trainee A is a pre-debut male training team formed in Early 2021, under Big Hit Music. The trainee lineup currently consists of 6 members: Inhyuk, Leo, Sangwon, James, Jihoon and JJ. There is 4 hidden members in the group. They are set to debut in 2022.

Trainee A Official Accounts:
Twitter: @trainee_a
Instagram: @_trainee_a
SoundCloud: trainee-a
TikTok: @trainee_a
Youtube: Trainee A

Trainee A Members Profile:
Stage Name: Inhyuk (인혁)
Birth Name:
Position: –
Birthday: August 5
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: –
Weight: –
Blood Type: –
Representative Emoticon: 🌟

Inhyuk Facts:
– Training Period: 8 Months, since 2021.


Stage Name: Leo (리오)
Birth Name:
Position: –
Birthday: August 22, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Australian
Representative Emoticon: 🦁

Leo Facts:
– He moved to South Korea when he was 17 years old to pursue a career as a singer/idol.
– He can produce music and write lyrics
– He prefer winter over summer.
– He prefer singing over dancing.
– Training Period: 2 Years, since 2019.
– He prefer staying at home over partying.
– He dislikes mint chocolate.
– He appeared in BTS ‘Permission To Dance’ MV.
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Stage Name: Sangwon (상원)
Birth Name: Lee Sang Won (이상원)
Position: –
Birthday: May 8, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoticon: 🥀

Sangwon Facts:
– He’s from Seoul, South Korea.
– He likes winter.
– Sangwon seems to be very good at speaking English.
– Training Period: 5 Years, since 2016.
– Education: Hanlim Multi Art School
– He loves French fries.
– Sangwon can choreograph dances.
– He takes floral images as a hobby.
– He loves fashion/clothes.
– He went on a trip to Brunei with Jay and Heeseung from ENHYPEN. The trip was back in August of 2019 when all of them were Bighit trainees at that time.

Stage Name: James ( 제임스)
Birth Name:
Position: –
Birthday: October 14, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Thai-Chinese
Representative Emoticon: 😝

James Facts:
– He is from Hong Kong, and lived there before moving to South Korea.
– James specializes in dancing.
Language: English, Korean, Thai and Chinese
– James’ hockey training took place at the Hong Kong Typhoons & Selects, an international royal organization that supports young ice hockey players.
– James visited Minnesota with another trainee friend called Yasinura to train in a dance studio.
– Along with being an ice hockey player, he was a Taekwondo athlete.

Stage Name: Jihoon (지훈)
Birth Name: Han Ji Hoon (한지훈)
Birthday: – 2006
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoticon: 🐣

Jihoon Facts:
– He plays guitar.
– Jihoon has a bad habit of misplacing his bucket hats.
– He attended Move Dance Studio in Seoul, South Korea at some point before becoming a Big Hit trainee.
– He won 2nd place in WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” Dance Cover Contest.
– Training Period: 1 Year, since 2020.
– He prefers winter over summer.
– He prefers sleeping over traveling.
– He prefers walking over riding traffic transport.
– He prefers call over text.
– He prefers clothes over shoes.
– He prefers romance over horror.

Stage Name: JJ (제이제이)
Birth Name:
Birthday: January 27, 2006
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Japanese
Representative Emoticon: 🐻

JJ Facts:
– He is from Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.
– Family: Parents, Younger Brother
– He was revealed as a new member on August 22, 2021.
– He is Half Japanese and Half American.
– His favourite food is egusi and fufu.
– He can play a guitar.
– He’s a model, dancer and so good in freestyles.
– He loves dancing, especially break-dancing.
– He is a former member of Amezari Red Star. (debuted on August 25, 2015 in Japan)
– He has participated in many dance competitions around the world with his dance team.

Former Member:
Stage Name: Junil (준일)
Birth Name: Park Jun Il (박준일)
Position: –
Birthday: – 2004
Zodiac Sign:
Height: –
Weight: –
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoticon: 💙

Junil Facts:
– He is a great dancer.
– On August 2nd, 2021 it was announced that Junil left the the company and Trainee A  for personal reasons.

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