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LANA Profile and Facts

LANA Profile: LANA Facts

LANA (라나) is a South Korean soloist under HiCC Entertainment. She is the first K-Pop soloist of Russian descent. She debuted on June 27th, 2019 with the single “Take The Wheel”. On October 18th, 2020 Lana debuted in China under Bates Methinks Entertainment with the single “Talk Talk”.

LANA Fandom Name: Luminous
LANA Official Fan Colors:

Stage Name: LANA (라나) (拉娜)
Birth Name: Yudina Svetlana Dmitriyevna (Юдина Светлана Дмитриевна /유디나 쉗라나 디미트리에브나)
Korean Name: Yoo Lana (유라나)
Birthday: November 23, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Russian
Instagram: 23.11_
Twitter: @Hicc_LANA
Weibo: 拉娜LANA_
Youtube: LANA라나
TikTok: _lana_2311

LANA Facts:
– She is from the city of Poronaisk, Sakhalin oblast, Russian Federation.
– Her father is half Tatar, making her part Tatar as well.
– She has Tatar-Bashkir genes, which make her look “Asian”.
– She is attending Sungkyukwan University, Department of Political Science & Diplomacy.
– She is the first Russian to debut solo in the K-Pop industry.
– She speaks Russian, English, Mandarin, and Korean.
– She is trained in classical dance.
– She has a cat named Soosoo (수수).
– Her favorite colors are black and gray.
– She likes to drink Americano Caramel Macchiato.
– Her hobby is reading.
– She considers as her strength knowing several languages. But she considers as her weakness knowing them bad.
– Her left side of her face is more beautiful for her.
– She often sings “Bang Bang Bang” in karaoke.
– She chose Challenger as the word which describes her very well.
– The first thing she does mornings is giving her cat food.
– She associates herself with dark red color.
– She is a big fan of “Overwatch”.
– She doesn’t like sand. So she prefers picnics than going to a beach.
– She appeared in J-CAT’s “Facetime” music video.
– She appeared in shows like “Abnormal Summit”, “Welcome, First Time in Korea?”, “Problematic Men” and “Hello Counsellor”.
– She is a former “Thought Entertainment” trainee and former model of “Be Icon” advertisement agency.
– She participated in the Chinese survival show Produce Camp 2020 (CHUANG 2020).
– She’s a fan of Doja Cat.
– She’s friends with Zhong FeiFei, Hami (former D.Holics) and Macy M.

Produce Camp 2020 Information:
– She was ranked 27th on the episode 2.
– She performed “Suffocated” under Bu Song for the first round. Her team lost.
– She was ranked 29th on the episode 3.
– She was ranked 43rd on the episode 4.
– She performed “Don’t Be Stingy” in the Dance section under Bu Song for the second round. Her team lost.
– She was ranked 13th on the episode 5.
– She was ranked 17th on the episode 6.
– She was ranked 26th on the episode 7.
– She performed “Miss Freak” for the third round.
– She was ranked 22nd on the episode 8.
– She was eliminated on the episode 9, her final rank was 22nd.

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