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Kaylee (VCHA) Profile

Kaylee Lee (VCHA) Profile and Facts

Kaylee Lee is a member of the girl group VCHA, and former contestant on A2K (America2Korea).

Birth Name: Kaylee Lee
Korean Name: Lee Seohui (이서희)
Birthday: November 24, 2009
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Nationality: Korean-American

Kaylee Lee Facts:
– She was born in Pennsylvania, USA, to South Korean parents.
– Kaylee is fluent in both English and Korean.
– She is very adamant and has a plan for everything she does.
– Kaylee started training singing one week before the final audition and learned her performance three days beforehand.
A2K Info:
– Kaylee received her pendant in Episode 2
– Kaylee received her Dance Stone after performing What is Love? in Episode 6
– Kaylee ranked 6th in Dance
– In Episode 7, she did not pass the Vocal Evaluation, but later received her Vocal Stone in Episode 8.
– Kaylee ranked 6th in Vocal
– Kaylee received her Star Quality Stone after displaying her talent in taekwondo in Episode 10.
– Kaylee didn’t rank in Star Quality
– In Episode 12, she did not pass the Character Evaluation.
– Kaylee ranked 7th place in the LA Bootcamp Rankings in Episode 15 after being an additional candidate.
– Kaylee received her 1st Stone after performing ‘POP!’ by IM NAYEON in Episode 16.
– Kaylee ranked 4th in the Individual Evaluations
– In episode 22 of A2K, Kaylee ranked 5th, becoming a member of VCHA.

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Note 2: Kaylee’s Korean name was revealed on VCHA “Y.O.Universe” M/V Behind the Scenes ep 1.

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