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Lexi (VCHA) Profile

Lexus Vang (VCHA) Profile and Facts

Lexus Vang is a member & leader of the girl group VCHA, and former contestant on A2K (America2Korea).

Stage Name: Lexi
Birth Name: Lexus Vang
Birthday: November 22, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
Nationality: American
Nationality: Hmong (Southeast Asian Indigenous group)
Representative Emoji:🦖 (T-Rex)* 🧀 (Cheese)*
Member Color:White

Lexus Vang Facts:
– She was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.
– Lexus lived in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
– Lexus is ethnically Hmong.
– Lexus did ballet for 12 years.
– She described herself as: passionate, hardworking and funny
– Her favorite place in Seoul is her room.
– She is a deep sleeper.
– Lexus likes when it is cold outside
– Favorite Song: Dear. PLLI – PLAVE
– Favorite Movie: Coraline
– Favorite color: Black
– Favorite food: Beef Tendon Soup
– Favorite season: Winter or Fall
– During her free time she likes to play games, watch movies and rest in her bed
– Her bad habit is rubbing her eyes very hard
– She really wants to perform in the US for her friend and family
– She can make a really good Hmong-style papaya salad.
– Her favorite number is 22.
– She is a deep sleeper.
– Her favorite seasons are fall and winter.
– She loves to draw and paint.
– She grew up listening to R&B, pop, K-pop, etc.
– Lexus really looked up to Misty Copeland, a ballet dancer.
– According to the other members of VCHA, Lexus is the funniest.
– Lexus is a skilled cook, occasionally triggering fire alarms.
– She was in the K-pop cover group Prism Kru. She joined in 2019.
– Lexi really looked up to Misty Copeland, a ballet dancer.
– Her favorite place in Seoul is her room.
– According to the other members, Lexi is the funniest.
– She describes herself as passionate, hard-working, and funny.
– Her favorite movie is “Coraline,” expressing her love for stop-motion animation and her obsession with the film since childhood.
– Lexi is a skilled cook, occasionally triggering fire alarms.
– Her style varies, often consisting of baggy street hip clothing or soft, emo, grungy, and cute outfits.
– She likes to play games, watch movies, and chill in her bed during her free time.
– She plays a fitting song, releasing her emotions by listening to it, sometimes while staring at the ceiling or writing in a journal to relieve stress.
– Her most ideal day was being in her bed, under the covers, on her phone, watching a movie, and playing games.
– One thing she must bring when she travels is her AirPods, as she can’t survive without them for listening to music.
– She wants to break the habit of aggressively rubbing her eyes, fearing it may lead to dark circles.
– She specifically wants cartoon character figures to place aesthetically on shelves around her room for the holidays.
– The first thing she does in the morning is turn off three alarms, being a deep sleeper, and then she has to spend some time on her phone before getting ready.
A2K Info:
– Lexus received her pendant in Episode 1.
– Lexus received her Dance Stone after performing God’s Menu in Episode 4
– Lexus ranked 3rd in Dance
– In Episode 8, she did not pass the Vocal Evaluation.
– Lexus received her Star Quality Stone after showing her talent in ballet and dancing in Episode 10.
– Lexus ranked 4th in Star Quality
– Lexus received her Character Stone in Episode 12.
– Lexus ranked 1st in Character
– Lexus ranked 6th place in the LA Bootcamp Rankings in Episode 15 after being an additional candidate.
– Lexus received her 1st Stone after performing ‘Like This’ by Wonder Girls in Episode 18.
– Lexus ranked 7th in the Individual Evaluations
– In episode 22 of A2K, Lexus ranked 1st, becoming a member of  VCHA.

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