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Changjo (TEEN TOP) Profile

Changjo (TEEN TOP) Profile and Facts:

Changjo (창조) is a singer, actor, songwriter and member of the group Teen Top under Top Media. He debuted as a solo singer on November 16, 2019 with a digital single “Never Anything”.

Stage name: Changjo (창조)
Birth name: Choi Jong-Hyun (최종현)
Birthday: November 16, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 179 cm (5’10″)
Blood type: B
Instagram: @t.changjo
Twitter: @whdgus1004 (Inactive)
YouTube: 틴탑창조TV

Changjo Facts:
–  Born in Chuncheon, South Korea.
– He is a main dancer, vocalist, and maknae in Teen Top.
– He eats mixed soda with rice and milk with rice.
– He got into Teen Top through an audition called “Andy’s Choice”.
– When it comes to sports he’s good at track and field – the high jump and badminton.
– He says he’s very impatient, he likes to do things fast so waiting is a very hard thing for him to do.
– He composes songs for Teen Top, but after his solo debut, he decided to take some break from it.
– He runs a personal YouTube channel since August 25, 2019, where he shares his personal life.
– When it comes to looks he’s most comfortable in his chubby cheeks and eye smile. (As of 2011)
– He’d like to appear in a variety show “Running Man” (As of 2018).
– His idols are the members of Big Bang and Shinhwa.
– He appeared in k-dramas “Criminal Minds” as a part-time worker handing out flyers, “Sweden Laundry” as Yong Soo-Chul and in movie “Makgeolli Girls” as Kang-Ho.
– A place he recommends to visit in Seoul, South Korea is Myeong-dong because there are many things to enjoy in that area, also N Seoul Tower to take great photos.
– In Teen Top he’s the one that makes other members laugh the most by his actions and he likes to do it.
– His hobbies include collecting car figurines, doing internet shopping – mostly just searching and creating dance routines.
– If he had to pick an animal that matches his personality best, it’d be an ant because he’s hard-working.
– He would like to travel to South American countries (e.g Brazil) and Oregon, USA because he would like to experience it as his former Teen Top member, L. Joe who used to live there. (As of 2016)
– As of 2016, he listens to One Direction, Jay Z and a lot of popular songs in the US.
– He likes to work out a lot since 2014.
– He debuted as an actor on November 21, 2014 in MBC drama “Sweden Laundry” (스웨덴 세탁소) as Yong Soo-Chul.
– He is close friends with AB6IX‘s Donghyun.
– He would like to collaborate with singer Ella Mai since he enjoys her music.
– If he spots his ideal type at the concert he would wink once, if their eyes meet because “a fan is a fan. I’d have to find a different person “.
Ideal Type: A bright, lively, cute girl that has a pretty smile and does a lot of aegyo.

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