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Hyein (NewJeans) Profile

Hyein (NewJeans) Profile and Facts:

Hyein (이혜인) is a member of ADOR’s girl group NewJeans. She is a former member of the kids girl group U.SSO Girl (2017-2018) and kids co-ed group Play with me Club (2020-2021).

Stage Name: Hyein (혜인)
Birth Name: Lee Hye-In (이혜인)
Chinese Name: Li Huiren (李惠仁)
English Name: Grace Lee
Birthday: April 21, 2008
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 170 cm (5’7”)
Blood Type: O
MBTI Type: INFP (was ENFP)
Nationality: Korean
Representative Color: Purple
Representative Emoji: 🐣
Instagram: hhh_grace_
Weibo: 李惠仁Hyein
Kakao: @yeinbaby
TikTok: @hyein_grace

Hyein Facts:
– Hyein was born in Incheon, South Korea.
– She has an older sister (born in 2003) and an older brother (born in 2005).
– She started modeling at the age of 8 years old.
– She is also a member of EBS Bonihani.
– She is a former member of U.SSO Girl under the stage name U.jeong (2017-2018).
– Hyein appeared on the kids Youtube channel Pocket TV as a regular member (2019-2021).
– She was also a member of Pocket TV‘s co-ed group Play with me Club (2020-2021).
– Hyein likes sports and played soccer in elementary.

– She is also a former artist/model under EightPrime Entertainment
– Her hobbies are talking walks, taking photos of mostly the sky and members, and looking up movies.
– She appeared in Lemon Tree Magazine and Style Magazine Mallow.
– Her specialty is taking photos of the members, expressing her honest feelings, and finding what she always wants to find.
– She was cast through Jumbo Kids Model Selection 2014.
– Her favorite color is Purple.
– Hyein has a habit of examining people and staring at them, and cleaning before schedules.
– She won the prize for sponsoring the Magical Cheonmun Kid Model Selection Contest.
– She is learning English.
– Hyein likes eating rice soup, strawberries, strawberry cream cake, her home food, and the food that her grandma makes.
– Her clothing size is 15.
– What she wants to do with the members is riding bikes, going to Hangang River, and doing a video call all together.
– Her shoe size is 235 mm.
– Other than Korean, she can speak English.
– Hyein’s favorite fruit is strawberry.
– Some hashtags that describe her are #Maximalist and #FullOfCuriosity.
– She debuted as a member of NewJeans on July 22, 2022, under ADOR.
– Friends with CLASS:y’s Riwon and BABYMONSTER‘s Rora.
– She is close with Choi Haseul (a BELIFT LAB trainee).
– Hyein is a huge fan of TXT and BTS.
– Hyein loves Harry Potter, and has a bunch of its books in English and Korean (she has like over 15 books), and also has Harry Potter’s wand.
– Hyein attended Wannabe Academy.
– On December 30, 2022, Hyein was announced to be chosen as the newest brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton. She is the youngest to ever do so, at age 14.

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