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Hun (N.Flying) Profile and Facts

Hun (N.Flying) Profile and Facts

Hun (훈) is a member of boy band N.Flying. The group debuted in Japan on Oct 1, 2013, and in Korea on May 20th, 2015. They are under FNC Entertainment.

Stage Name: Hun (훈)
Birth Name: Cha Hoon (차훈)
Position: Lead Guitarist, Vocalist
Birthday: July 12, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @cchh_0712

Hun Facts:
– Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea.
– He was raised in Deokjeong-dong, Yangju-si (a city in Gyeonggi Province).
– Family: Parents, sister.
– Hun is close friends with Dongsung from HONEYST (N.Flying Real Observation Camera #5)
– Trainee period: 5 years.
– He is in charge of foreign languages in the group.
– He sleeps when he is sad.
– Hun was the temporary leader when the group was active in Japan before their debut in Korea.
– Hobby: Cooking.
– He is the cook in the band.
– Hun and Jaehyun have a youtube channel called 두 얼간이 2IDIOTS
– His role model is Slash (Guns’n’Roses)
– He was 12 when he saw Slash playing the guitar on the piano, and he was impressed, so he saved 100,000 won (122.41SGD) and bought his first guitar. (It was a huge amount for an elementary school student.)
– His grandfather named him Hun.
– The other members say he has a cat-like personality: He can act cute but sometimes he likes to be serious and sometimes he likes to be alone.
– Hun likes One Piece and Pokemon.
– English name: Zenoa (150430 Star News)
– Education: Cheongmyeong Daycare CenterKoam Elementary SchoolGoam Middle SchoolDeokgye High SchoolKyunghee Cyber ​​University (Current).
– The other members say he’s the most serious among them.
– He can imitate animals’ sounds (elk and baby sloth) (Weekly Idol ep. 344 N.Flying, Day6).
– When talking about how close the members were, Hun said that “We’re basically family. We are just not related by blood.” (Soompi: N.Flying Talks About Their Family-Like Bond And What Kind Of Band They Want To Be Remembered As)
– Favourite colour: black.
– Hun loves to watch Youtube (Weekly Idol ep. 344 N.Flying, Day6).
– He has many fans among female idols.
– He saw the public audition for FNC while busking in Hongdae with his friend, and he auditioned for fun, but he managed to pass it.
– Hun likes watching soccer.
– He can also play other instruments such as the keyboard, drums or bass.
– He doesn’t like doing aegyo but he talks in a cute way.
– When asked what kind of group they want to be remembered as, Hun said “A band that can be together from a young age to an old age.” (Soompi: N.Flying Talks About Their Family-Like Bond And What Kind Of Band They Want To Be Remembered As)
– He loves cats, he even sleeps in kitty pajamas.
– He appeared in “Band of Sisters (언니는 살아있다)” (2017) as a guest role along with fellow member Kim Jaehyun.
– His MBTI is ISFJ-A.
– He appeared in AOA’s “Oh Boy” and FT ISLAND’s “Love Sick” MVs.
– His childhood dream was to be a firefighter.
– Hoon’s ideal type: The same type as himself, with a cat-like personality.

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