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Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) Profile

Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) Profile and Facts:

Huh Yunjin (허윤진) is a member of the South Korean girl group LE SSERAFIM under Source Music.

Birth Name: Huh Yunjin (허윤진/ ホ・ユンジン/ 許允眞)
English Name: Jennifer Huh (제니퍼 허)
Birthday: October 8, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 172 cm (5’7″ ft)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean-American

Huh Yunjin Facts:
– She grew up in the USA and moved back to South Korea in order to become a trainee.
– Yunjin attended Hanlim Multi Art School with CLASS:y‘s Myung Hyungseo.
– She is a former PLEDIS Entertainment and SM Entertainment trainee.
– Favourite foods: Roasted sweet potatoes, yogurt, seaweed, cheese, and pizza.
– Prior to becoming a trainee, Yunjin trained in opera.
– She is fluent in English.
– Nicknames: Jen, Destruction King (due to her clumsiness)
– Yunjin is very close with singer, actress and former member of After SchoolLee Gaeun.
– She can play the ukulele, piano, and guitar.
– She was a contestant on Produce 48 and placed 26th in the semi-finals, causing her to be eliminated.
– Yunjin started taking opera lessons in middle school.
– Favourite sports: Baseball, MMA and field hockey.
– She is close with her fellow member and former IZ*ONE member Kim Chaewon since they performed Into the New World by SNSD together on Produce 48.
–  Watching BTS win at the American Music Awards made her consider being an artist in the Korean music industry instead of the American music industry, and it also made her have great pride as a Korean and encouraged her.
– Yunjin recommends the following animes: The Promised Neverland, (especially) Jujutsu Kaisen, Vinland Saga, and Mob Psycho 100.
–  She is known to be fond of her nickname “Kirin-chan” (Kirin means Giraffe in Korean). Yunjin is called this because she looks like a newborn giraffe when she’s dancing.
– Yunjin is a SONE (fan of SNSD) and an ARMY (fan of BTS).
– She has a younger sister named Yejin Huh (English Name: Rachel); she was born in 2004.
– She trained for over 4 years before debuting in LE SSERAFIM.
– Yunjin trained alongside the members of NewJeans prior to her debut.
– Her most prized possession is a necklace with a snake charm that was gifted to her by her grandma. (VLIVE with Lee Gaeun on September 8, 2018)
– Prior to her appearance in PRODUCE 48, Yunjin had a Twitter fan account for BTS and participated in ARMY selca days up until 2017 (where fans post their own photos often inspired by pictures of their bias(es)).
– Whilst studying at school, she learnt French for 5 years; she’s restudying the language now.
–  Yunjin decided to do opera since her grandmother is a vocalist and she took Yunjin to the choir a lot, which led her to have an interest in musicals and opera.
– She is a Potterhead (a fan of Harry Potter) and her house is Slytherin.
– When she was training under SM Entertainment, she was dormmates with aespa‘s Winter and Ningning.
–  Yunjin has wanted to be a singer ever since she was in seventh grade.
– Favourite Number: 8.
– She is a co-writer of 6 songs released by LE SSERAFIM including: Blue Flame, Impurities, No Celestial, Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am), Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife and FEARNOT (Between you, me and the lamppost).
– She was the captain of her field hockey team.
– Yunjin is very sporty and dreamed of being a professional field hockey player when she was younger.
– She is not a fan of horror (or any scary) movies.
– Some of her favorite characters in Haikyu!! are Tsukishima, Bokuto and Akaashi.
– Her bias in BTS is V.
– Yunjin has released 3 solo songs since debuting in LE SSERAFIM: Raise y_our glass (2022), I ≠ DOLL (2023) and love you twice (2023).

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