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HARVEY (XG) Profile

HARVEY (XG) Profile & Facts

HARVEY (하비) is a member of the girl group of XGALX and AVEX, XG.

Stage Name: HARVEY (하비)
Birth Name: Amy Jannet Harvey (ハーヴィー瑛美 / 에이미 자넷 하비)
Birthday: December 18, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
Twitter: AMY14340333 (deleted)
Instagram: h_amyjannet (inactive)

– She was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– Her father is Australian, her mother is Japanese.
– She has been active as a model since she was a junior high school student.
– She participated “Tokyo Girls”
– She was a model for 2016 magazine “LOVE berry vol.4.5”, “ViVi” November issue.
– She introduced the videos appearing on the NYLONTV JAPAN channel with Da-ICE and Toru Iwaoka.
– Sunglasses is an accessory she often uses.
– She is the seventh and last member to be revealed. She was revealed in February 4, 2022.
– She likes practicing Spanish songs.
– She’s in charge of uniqueness of the group.
– She likes unicorns, rainbows, colorful and shiny things.
– She believes UFOs.
–  She was a member of a girl group named “Shorty!” created around 2015 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Avex’s DANCE NATION. Artist Academy students with outstanding visual, dance and vocal skills are selected. She joined the group in 2017, the second generation, along with fellow XG member Jurin.
– She has no siblings.
– She likes green and black. In response to a fan’s question about what is in the emoticon that represents her, she also expressed the fruits blueberry (🫐) and cherry (🍒), green heart (💚) and black heart (🖤). In fact, she often uses green and black hearts when replying to fans.
– She takes a lot of pictures with a film camera, and she likes film cameras. In many cases, not only Harvey but all XG members upload photos taken with a film camera.
– She’s learning pilates right now! She has done a lot of body design and yoga, but she’s excited to start a new workout routine. As she prepares for Mascara comeback, she’s also trying new things to feel refreshed every day. [X]
– She’s confident about the bond they have with each other. She believes that XG can relate to each other and feel the same way because XG has been in the same place and experienced the same things every minute every second of the day for the past 5 years. [X]
– In the hip-hop and R&B genres, she loves Mary J. Blige, TLC, Rihanna and SZA. She was inspired by their songs, performances, and visuals, and she still refers to them a lot! She also look up to Michael Jackson, who inspired her to dream of becoming an artist when she was young. She’s inspired by his performances, style, and the dreams he has given to people all over the world. She hopes to bring happiness, love and courage to many people around the world through her songs, words, and performances, just like Micheal Jackson. [X]
– As both a group and as an individual, her goal is to become world-renowned! She hopes to leave behind many pieces of work and give courage, strength, confidence and dreams to many people! [X]
– She lived in Australia when she was a child.
– She was good at English when she was a kid but she forgot a lot.
– She has dogs and a parakeet.
– Her favorite fruit is lemon because it’s fresh.
– Her favorite color is purple.

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