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Chen Zhe Yuan Profile

Chen Zhe Yuan Profile and Facts:

Chen Zhe Yuan (陈哲远) is a Chinese actor and a former member of the Chinese boy group Mr. Bio, and is currently signed under the company GRAMARIE Entertainment.

Stage Name: Chen Zhe Yuan
Birth Name: Chen Zhe Yuan (陈哲远)
Birthday: October 29th, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
MBTI Type:
Weibo: 陈哲远-

Chen Zhe Yuan Facts:
– He was born in Shenzhen of Guangdong, China.
– He graduated from Shenzhen University in the Department of Performance.
– A body part of his that he likes the most is his eyes.
– His acting debut was made in 2017 as the Male Lead in the Chinese Television Series “All About Secrets” (drama developed from the movie Secret Fruit).
– He was formerly a member of the Chinese boy group Mr. Bio, and debuted on September 10th, 2015 with the single album “Jackpot“.
– In 2020 he participated in Wonderful Little Forest (the Chinese Version of the Korean Variety Show “Little Forest”) alongside Johnny Huang, Zhang Xin Cheng, Tan Song Yuan, and Kiki Xu (THE9).
– He participated in the 2019 IQIYI Fan Fiest alongside WayV, Justin, Zhu Zhen Ting, Zhou Jie Qiong, and many others.
– His role in Handsome Siblings is his most well known role.
– In 2021, he starred as the Male Lead in the drama “Our Secret” alongside former Rocket Girls member Rainbow Xu.
– His favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant.
– Zheyuan’s favorite actress is Dilraba Dilmurat.
– If he could swap bodies with another actor he would pick Hu Yi Tian as he’s taller than Zheyuan.
– Hobbies: Working out, Playing basketball & badminton, and Fishing.
– Favorite Foods: Burgers, Pettiotoes rice, Stewed beef meatballs, Steamed fish head with diced hot red pepppers, and Sauteed bullfrog with pickled peppers.
– He dislikes mustard and snacks.
– A few foods he can make are noodles, soy-glazed chicken wings, and scrambled eggs with tomatoes.
– He claims to have reached a point where he no longer feels the need to actively pursue women he likes.
Chen Zhe Yuan’s Ideal Type: A kind and cute woman.

Drama Series:
The Princess and the Werewolf (郎君不如意) | Youku / 2023 – Kui Mulang / Li Xiong
Hidden Love (偷偷藏不住)
| Youku, Netflix / 2023 – Duan Jiaxu
Mr. Bad (我的反派男友)
| iQIYI / 2022 – Xiao Wudi
Our Secret (暗格里的秘密)
| MGTV / 2021 – Zhou Siyue
Renascence (凤唳九天) | MGTV / 2020 – Ye Jun Qing / Prince Su
Handsome Siblings (绝代双骄) | iQiyi, Netflix / 2020 – Xiao Yu’er (小鱼儿) / Jiang Xiao Yu
Detective Chinatown (唐人街探案) | iQiyi / 2020 – Nodo Koji
Hello Dear Ancestors (亲爱的活祖宗) | iQiyi / 2018 – Zhen Jun
She is Beautiful (她很漂亮) | Prime Video / 2018 – Lu Xiao Wei
The Legend of Zhu 2 (蜀山战纪2踏火行歌) | iQiyi, ZJTV / 2018 – Yu Ying Qi
All About Secrets (秘果) | iQiyi / 2017 – Duan Bo Wen

Miss Puff (泡芙小姐) | 2018 – Wang Han
Detective Chinatown 3 (唐人街探案3) | Viki / 2021 – Nodo Koji

TV Shows / Vareity Programs:
Youth Periplous Season 4 (青春环游记 第四季) | Zhejiang Television / 2023 – Cast Member
The Feast
| Zhejiang Television / 2022 – Host
Super Nova Games 3 (超新星全运会第三季)
| Tencent Video / 2020 – Acting Team/Pink
Wonderful Little Forest (奇妙小森林) | Hunan TV, MGTV / 2020
2019 IQIYI Fan Fiest (2019爱奇艺粉丝嘉年华) | iQiyi / 2019
Super Nova Games (超新星全运会第一季) | Tencent Video / 2018 – South Region Team/Guangdong

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