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Jiang Zhenyu Profile and Facts

Jiang Zhenyu Profile and Facts

Jiang Zhenyu is a Chinese actress and model. She was a contestant in the survival show Produce Camp 2020.

Fandom Name: Feather (羽毛/Yumao), Ginger Tea (姜茶/Jiangsha)
Fandom Color: Ginger Tea Pink

Jiang Zhenyu Official Accounts:
Personal Instagram: yyyyaoxin
Personal Weibo: 姜贞羽-Aisling
Her studio Weibo: 姜贞羽Aisling工作室

Stage Name/Birth Name: Jiang Zhen Yu (姜貞羽)
English Name: Aisling Jiang
Birthday: December 30, 1996
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 165 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Jiang Zhenyu Facts:
– She was born in Zhaotong, Yunnan province, currently lives in Beijing.
– Family: mother. Her father passed away when Zhenyu was 7 years old.
– She used to have the name Liu Yaoxin after father’s passing away. But going through many confusions with the documents, she changed back to Jiang Zhenyu on 2014, to commemorate her father.
– Education: Beijing International Art Institute, Central Academy of China.
– When studying in Beijing International Art Institute, she got to study dance abroad.
– In her freshman 2014 year, she became famous due to her video of dance battle against the representatives of Beijing Dance Academy. Then she was offered a lot of shows and contracts by many TV and cinema companies.
– She had a neck injury during her education on 2014, which show up again later.
– She loves art, photography, retro cinematography, books and food.
– She has a dog.
– She likes rabbits. She has a little plushy toy of rabbit, had as a Weibo avatar a picture of Bugs Bunny and her fans call her Rabbit because of her visuals and shorten her name with an emoji of rabbit – 🐰 .
– Her favorite cartoon character is Merida from Brave.
– She can play guzheng and shoot a bow.
– She is very flexible, she can draw a round in the air with her leg straight.
– She once pierced her ear 5 holes in one day.
– She always carries lipstick everywhere. She prefers pinkish red and nude colors for lipstick, there is no color she dislikes.
– If she were able to choose a superpower, she would choose a power to talk with her cat.
– Her contract with Gramarie Entertainment was terminated due to her involvement in a dating scandal.
Produce Camp 2020 Information:
– She was ranked 8th on the episode 2.
– She performed Ms Chic for the first round under LTG. Her team won.
– She was ranked 6th on the episode 3.
– She was ranked 6th on the episode 4.
– She performed Time for the second round under Bu Song. Her team won.
– She was ranked 10th on the episode 5.
– She was ranked 9th on the episode 6.
– She was ranked 9th on the episode 7.
– She was preparing for the Sing It Once Every Morning performance, but got hospitalized due to her injury in her neck, degenerative disc disease.
– Between episode 7 and 8 she withdrawn from the show for better treatment. Her final rank was 35th.
– She appeared in the final episode, but did not perform the theme song with other 100 girls because of the medical recommendation not to dance again.

Jiang Zhenyu Filmography:
Southern Edge of the Cloud (Catlyn’s Film Company, 2016) – Xinxin
Hi My Debate Opponent (你好,对方辩友) | (Mango TV, 2019) – Sung Qing
Lovely Swords Girl (恋恋江湖) | (iQIYI, 2019) – Yu Sheng You
Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (雪山飞狐) | (2020) – Miao Ruo Lan

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