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Jiang Zhenyu Profile and Facts

Jiang Zhenyu Profile and Facts

Jiang Zhenyu is a Chinese actress, model and singer. She was a contestant in the survival show Produce Camp 2020.

Fandom Name: Feather (羽毛/Yumao), Ginger Tea (姜茶/Jiangsha)
Fandom Color: Ginger Tea Pink

Jiang Zhenyu Official Accounts:
Personal Instagram: yyyyaoxin
Personal Weibo: 姜贞羽-Aisling

Birth Name: Jiang Zhenyu (姜貞羽)
English Name: Aisling Jiang
Birthday: December 30, 1996
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat
Height: 165 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood Type: A

Jiang Zhenyu Facts:
– She was born in Zhaotong, Yunnan province, currently lives in Beijing.
– Family: mother. Her father died when Zhenyu was 7 years old.
– She used to have the name Liu Yaoxin after father’s death. But passing many confusions with the documents, she changed back to Jiang Zhenyu on 2014, to commemorate her father.
– Education: Beijing International Art Institute, Central Academy of China.
– When studying in Beijing International Art Institute, she got to study dance abroad.
– In her freshman 2014 year, she became famous due to her video of dance battle against the representatives of Beijing Dance Academy. Then she was offered a lot of shows and contracts by many TV and cinema companies.
– She had a neck injury during her education on 2014, which show up again later.
– She loves art, photography, retro cinematography, books and food.
– She has a dog.
– She likes rabbits. She has a little plushy toy of rabbit, had as a Weibo avatar a picture of Bugs Bunny and her fans call her Rabbit because of her visuals and shorten her name with an emoji of rabbit – 🐰 .
– Her favorite cartoon character is Merida from Brave.
– She can play guzheng and shoot a bow.
– She is very flexible, she can draw a round in the air with her leg straight.
– She once pierced her ear 5 holes in one day.
– She always carries lipstick everywhere. She prefers pinkish red and nude colors for lipstick, there is no color she dislikes.
– If she were able to choose a superpower, she would choose a power to talk with her cat.
– Her contract with Gramarie Entertainment was terminated due to her involvement in a dating scandal.
Produce Camp 2020 Information:
– She was ranked 8th on the episode 2.
– She performed Ms Chic for the first round under LTG. Her team won.
– She was ranked 6th on the episode 3.
– She was ranked 6th on the episode 4.
– She performed Time for the second round under Bu Song. Her team won.
– She was ranked 10th on the episode 5.
– She was ranked 9th on the episode 6.
– She was ranked 9th on the episode 7.
– She was preparing for the Sing It Once Every Morning performance, but got hospitalized due to her injury in her neck, degenerative disc disease.
– Between episode 7 and 8 she withdrawn from the show for better treatment. Her final rank was 35th.
– She appeared in the final episode, but did not perform the theme song with other 100 girls because of the medical recommendation not to dance again.

Jiang Zhenyu Filmography:
Southern Edge of the Cloud (Catlyn’s Film Company, 2016) – Xinxin
Hi My Debate Opponent (你好,对方辩友) | (Mango TV, 2019) – Sung Qing
Lovely Swords Girl (恋恋江湖) | (iQIYI, 2019) – Yu Sheng You
Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (雪山飞狐) | (2020) – Miao Ruo Lan

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