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Kiki Xu Profile and Facts

Kiki Xu Profile and Facts

Kiki Xu is a Chinese actress, a graduated member of SNH48 Team SII and an active member of 7SENSES under Shanghai Star 48 Culture Media. She was a member of the project girl group THE9 under iQIYI. She debuted as a solo artist on December 28, 2021 with the single “Poisonkandy”.

Fandom Name: Blackis (黑琪军/Hei Qi Jun)
Fandom Color: red flame

Kiki Xu Official Media:
Personal Instagram: hellokiki77
Personal Weibo: 许佳琪kiki
Her own studio Weibo: 许佳琪_OFFICIAL
Her SNH48 page: snh48.com

Stage Name: Kiki Xu
Birth Name: Xu Jia Qi (许佳琪)
Birthday: August 27, 1995
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: AB

Kiki Xu Facts:
– Kiki’s hometown is Taizhou, Zhejiang province.
– Graduated from Shanghai Normal University.
– Her single mother is very strict.
– She is talkative.
– She really loves herself.
– Her favorite dish is seafood.
– She likes cinematography, makeup and fitness.
– She is interested in fashion. Her SNH48 teammates recognize her as a fashion representative.
– She has an experience of 6 years in ballet.
– She is known for clean dancing.
– Her nickname is Ki Bao.
– She has two cats and a worm as her pets.
– Once she auditioned for SM Entertainment. She was accepted to become a trainee, but she refused an offer because she did not want to leave her single mother alone.
– She worked as a dance instructor for some time.
– She joined SNH48 in October 12, 2012 as a trainee and was promoted to Team SII in November 11, 2013. Her contract with Shanghai Star 48 Culture Media expired in October 14, 2020.
– She is friends with Zhou Jieqiong.
– She was ranked 3rd with 9,086,752 votes in Youth With You 2 Final Episode.
YWY2 Information:
– She was given a A rank on the first judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 2nd on the episode 2.
– She was ranked 2nd on the episode 4.
– She was ranked 2nd on the episode 6.
– She performed “The Eve” in the Dance section for the first round.
– She was ranked 18th by live voting on the episode 7.
– She was given a B rank on the second judges evaluation.
– She was given a B rank on the third judges evaluation.
– She was ranked 2nd on the episodes 9-10.
– She was ranked 7th on the episode 12.
– She performed “R&B All Night” (Team A) for the second round Team Battle.
– She was ranked 2nd by live voting on the episode 13.
– She performed “MAMA (Chinese Version)” (Team A) for the second round Revenge Evaluation.
– She was ranked 7th on the episode 16.
– She was chosen for and performed “Non-Daily Revelry” for third round.
– She was ranked 4th by live voting on the episode 18.
– She was ranked 4th on the episode 20.
– She performed “Lover” (Team KUN) for the Mentor Collab Stage.
– She performed “Hunt” (Team Pink) for the Final Team Stage.
– She was ranked 3th, earning a spot in the group, on the final episode 23.

Kiki Xu Filmography:
– Girls By Half (半熟少女) (梦想预备生之半熟少女) | Beijing Times Films (2013) – Cameo
– MoTian Jie (魔天劫) | Shanghai Star48 Cinema and Television (2015) – Ye Tianmei
– Love, At First (爱之初体验) | China Film, etc. (2015) – Cameo
– Stairway to Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨) | WeTV (2017) – Song Jia Ni
– Catman (我爱喵星人) | Shanghai Croton Media Group (2017) – Vivian
– Legend of Yunxi (芸汐传) | iQIYI (2018) – Chu Qing Ge
– Comic Girl Squad (萌妹特攻队) | iQIYI (2019) – Math Girl
– The Blooms at Ruyi Pavillion (如意芳霏) | iQIYI (2020) – Fu Xuan
– Parallel Lost (平行迷途) | Youku (2020) – Liang Xue
– Who’s the Drama Queen (青春加点戏) | iQIYI (2020) – Sophisticated assistant of Frhanm Shangguan (Episode 3), career-oriented owner of Qianlan Qipao Shop (Episode 6).

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Kiki Xu’s clips and fancams from YWY2 and Let’s Party on iQIYI
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