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Can You Guess the Boy Group Song by the Screenshot?

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Can You Guess the Boy Group Song by Screenshot? I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

Quiz made by Sam (thughaotrash)

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  • Hope Fisher

    Damn l even suprised myself by getting 10/10😅😊

  • Sanajaff

    I got 10 of 10 right
    Good job! You probably watch a lot of boy group music videos! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/97d42bb1252294787e50a5b5ba89f6248626e20b18c66612c9a30763a60de4e6.gif

  • Ara

    I need to pay more attention to details ^^”

  • Jonathan aka bigjohn

    8/10 damn😕

  • Jonathan aka bigjohn

    Yes!!!!! 10/10

  • Wendy’s fan

    I think this is challenging… the images are well chosen that makes me think so hard. xDDDDDD

  • Claire Kim

    I only like girl groups so its no surprise I got 2/10

  • Yugyeom


  • Milla.btt


  • Jimina Is Real Park Jimin is M

    9/10 i knew some of the music expect the other one:P

  • Thiccjoon


  • 밀라


  • adwoa


  • sam (thughaotrash) 🌙

    I am making a girl group version!

  • Loona & Twice

    thank yooooooooooooooooooou! can’t wait

  • Rhianna

    i got all the groups I stan right and all the ones I don’t wrong (because I guessed oof)

  • Ashley Judd Nicolas

    I got 9/10

  • 김제니


  • Moonlight _swag


  • f.b.l.


  • Rezka Wisnu Johnsen

    I got 8/10 even though i dont really stan Monsta X, wanna one, sf9, and ikon (just watched their mv maybe once or even none 😂) but the power of my guessing game is strong AF hahaha

  • NatureCrystal 02

    9/10 i thought about the 8th picture for a long time, i knew it was wanna one: light. because of the quality of the picture D’: but i didn’t know so i picked Runaway 😛 …

  • Louperman

    only group i listen/stan is bts but i get 6/10 i don’t even know how

  • Maroua Miz

    i got 7 lol the true meaning of being a fan of got7

  • jo

    i got 5/10

  • SquirrelJisung

    10/10 perks of being a fan for 6 years XDXDXD

  • SeoYun

    I got 8/10 and I’ve only been a fan for 1 year

  • Nellie Allen

    I got 10/10 but guessed one and it’s been a year of liking kpop … it’s maybe not a good thing to be so addicted ……

  • nur.sofea

    I got 6/10 😭 i be a fan for 7 years😢

  • JYP

    9/10 that’s amazing

  • JYP

    9/10 I’ve been a fan for 6 years

  • 장미 ponpon

    7/10 uwu

  • Sam

    9/10 and I haven’t even been a fan for a year😐😐 I need help

  • Delaram sotoudeh

    6/10 ive been into kpop for 3 months im better than dis OnO ;-;-;-;-;

  • Kyla Leosala Francisco

    8/10 omg.

  • Bri yes its me sam

    8/10 i need help

  • Ayasha Sidat

    10/10……. it’s been 9 months since i started listening to kpop idk if i should be concerned or not smh

  • ✧ — 「 hemy rhee 」

    i got a 10/10, and i guessed for 2,3,5,6, and 7. (by using the process of elimination)

  • 지수

    I got 7/10 right, I only knew the screenshot for seventeen’s “Oh My !” Ohp

  • Belljane Marquez

    I got 9/10

  • SquirrelJisung


  • rob

    10/10 wassuppppp doeee !!! fight me u wont

  • Legacy Infinity

    10/10 I’ve only been a fan for eight months though… K-Pop is strong! Wow.

  • bemokidz _ 1128


  • Autumn

    I got 3/10 cause I never really watch mv, cause I own albums, oops O.o


    i got 2/10


    6/10 okay I see u

  • Me

    I got 1/10
    The only one I knew was fake love

  • 9/10 we out here

  • Nu’svT

    10/10 mom get the camera!

  • Christian

    tell me how I got 9/10!? the only ones I knew was fake love and my pace. I’M A FREAKING K-POP GUEEN

  • Dayana Herman

    I Got 6/10 haha eventho I only knew 4 of it…

  • •=Jihoon=•🐶

    8/10.^^ I tried~

  • Pinikkio

    sEeS i gOt 3/10

  • Hello darkness my old friend

    I fricken got 2/10

    The only ones I got was Oh My! and Fake Love

  • ᴄʜʀɪsᴛɪɴᴇ ♛


  • 나에게로 와


    the ones i got wrong were the ones i’ve never listened to before 😐

  • mel

    9 out of 10 yayy

  • Kpop_Trivia

    This is the saddest comment I have ever seen.
    I got 8/10. Rekt. pretty good, though. I’ve only been a Kpop fan for a few months.
    And I know a ton about information on Kpop ppls.

  • kandyce4ever

    No no no hunti.
    We need some realist just bts doesn’t make a real kpoper.
    I love bts also but no no no.
    Listen go to youtube and search some kpop
    . # 10/10 #KPOP4LIFE

  • kandyce4ever

    No I’m proud of a fellow kpoper such as yourself.
    I’ve been a fan for 3 and 1 half years but I wasn’t this good at less than a year.

  • Ibirounke


  • Demonicheathen6


  • Nour Assi

    8/10 proud 😂😂

  • Nour Assi

    I recognized fake love, touch, my pace, oh my, scientist, killing me and jealousy, i did the others randomly 😂😂

  • ليان

    10/10 DaMn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriela

    I knew three and guested on the others, I knew was fake love, my pace, and oh my. That’s it.

  • An Elegant Penguin

    i guessed most of them and got 5/10 damn, except for the fake love, i recognized it immedietly lmao

  • 9/10 but i guessed most of them

  • Sophie Foster


    I know a little wayyyyyy too much for comfort, and yeah, instead of homework, i watch kpop videos

  • Trisha Mae


  • Lykios


  • 7/10 but tbh i was only sure about 3 of those lol

  • bambam’s_wife


  • Midi Morin

    I got 7 right! Only missed iKON, Monsta X and The Boyz

  • ليان

    boi those were EaSy 10 OuT oF 10

  • peachanhee


  • Dian Sukmawening


  • fertuna


  • koCocrunch TATà

    8/10😂 hinula ko lang yung iba

  • Xisyxh

    Tbh I only sure about fake love but I got 6 out of 10 😅😂😂

  • Shen Yun Phone Number

    It was okay I got7 out of 10

  • Samantha totubbi

    This was a good game I only got7 right

  • BlackpinkBTS

    I knew BTS’ s Fake Love only and still managed to get 7 out of ten by guessing.

  • Fatima

    super easy 10/10 💜

  • hrryfdn ash

    I thought I would get 1/10 lol
    Turns out I got 6/10 correct

  • °¯°·._.·ƒεℓเא’ร ƒ૨ε૮ҡℓεร·._.·°

    10/10..i have nothing to do but watch kpop lmao

  • chiara

    9/10 I got nct touch wrong… I thought it was that but when i think of the mv, I think of the pink+white theme
    Is that taeyong’s hand in the pic? just curious.

  • T1MFG

    guessed 7 of them and got 4 right lmao I need to watch more Monsta X ;-;

  • Akira Fujiwara



    10/10 too

  • JeongI.NsNetfelixAccount


  • Some “Normal” Person

    8/10 the 2 i missed are 2 i dont listen to really lol sorry wanna one and the boyz i just cant stan anymore groups my brain will explode if i even try

  • MiniJaeEun

    I got 6/10

  • shedea nuraz zhalami

    I got 9/10

  • memebebe

    10/10 🙂

    lol 10 10 get it



    ok i need to stop

  • Sama Abdallah

    Ya me too immediatly it come to my head ..No its not touch the MV has more brightness 😂😂

  • aswooi

    6/10!! i didnt know one of them and i second guessed myself on the other 3 x.x this just gives me an excuse to watch mvs more

  • Kadlynn Elizabeth Adams

    i got 8 of 10

  • kandyce4ever

    THE PUNS!!!!!!!

  • Najwa Nur Nafi’ah

    I got 8 of 10 🙂

  • Suezette Whyte

    All right

  • nctbemynana

    9/10 because i dont stan the boyz or golden child. love their songs tho

  • Ofocodododo Fmfkrjfkro

    3/10 lolll

  • Kathleen Joy Adel

    10/10 but I only know Oh my! and Fake Love lol. All the other one’s are guesses

  • Kim Taehyung

    I get three wrongs