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PEDRO Profile & Facts

PEDRO Profile & Facts

PEDRO is the solo project of the Japanese idol AYUNi D; member of BiSH. She debuted on September 19, 2018 with the mini-album “Zoozoosea“. She is signed under WACK and EMI Records.

PEDRO Official Accounts :
Official Website – PEDRO
Instagram – ayunid_official
Twitter – PEDRO_AYUNiD
Youtube – PEDRO

Stage Name: PEDRO / AYUNi D (in BiSH)
Birth Name: Ito Ayuko (伊藤亜佑子)
Birthday: October 12, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Blood Type: A

PEDRO Facts:
— She was born in Hokkaido, Japan
— She joined BiSH in August 2016
— Her role in BiSH is “My Sister Couldn’t Be This Cute”
— Ayuni’s group color is White, inherited from Lingling
— Her older sister, a big fan of BiS, pushed her to audition; she applied 3 hours before the deadline
— Ayuni fans are called “oniitans” (big brothers) but she doesn’t like that name
— The “D” in her stage name stands for “Dynamite”
— She was named by Lingling
— She played badminton in school and had participation in some tournaments
— Her first job was a cashier at a convenience store but it only lasted a week as customers complained of her being too slow
— She went to a technical school and is qualified to handle flammable liquids
— Ayuni worked part time at a gas station
— She is the first BiSH member to release their own stand alone photobook, released on October, 2019
— Ayuni’s favorite thing is Gumi
— Ayuni’s most disliked thing is people
— Her favorite food is Sukiya’s Cheese Gyudon without condiments, french fries and salmon
— She doesn’t like coffee
— Her favorite ingredient in onigiri is salt
— Black is her favorite color
— Ayuni’s favorite song is びっくり (Surprised) by BAKUBAKU DOKIN
— Her favorite anime is Aku no Hana
— Her favorite cartoonist is Yoshiharu Tsuge
— She likes thick blood vessels in both men and women
— Her favorite hair sprays are V05 and ケープ (Cape)
— One of her characteristics is sweating
— She has a russian blue cat named メメクラゲ (Memekurage) after a one-shot of Yoshiharu Tsuge
— She met her favorite blogger, ARuFa, in the shooting of BiSH MV “JAM”
— Ayuni likes to sing Vocaloid songs in karaoke
— Her greatest weakness is a punch in the belly
— She likes to write lyrics and columns
— Her motto is “Don’t mess around, don’t worry, don’t expect”
— Ayuni’s special skill is to open the lid of the objects
— Ayuni compares herself to a monkey
— The first CD she bought was “Gee” by Girls’ Generation
— Her future dreams are making indie or anime films and become an action actress
— Her favorite BiSH song is ヒーローワナビー (Hero Wannabe)
— She will be the first WACK artist to hold a concert at Nippon Budokan, scheduled for February 13, 2021
— She and Muropanako (2nd Generation of BiS) are close friends, they attended the same school

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