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Who’s the most popular Kpop visual? (Female edition)

Who’s the most popular K-pop visual? (Female edition)

The visual of a Kpop group is basically the member who is considered the most aesthetically beautiful out of their band. For the western people it can be quite surprising or come as a shock when they hear in Korean TV shows the bands being asked to classify their members in an aesthetic order, from the most beautiful to the least beautiful, as the common belief is that beauty cannot be measured and everyone is beautiful in their own way. However, in Eastern-Asian countries like Korea, Japan, and China, they have a specific look they admire and approve, and if someone fits that certain appearance model, then they are considered attractive. In Korea, they have rather strict beauty standards and they are very open about them, hence the position of ‘visual’ in each Kpop group.

Let’s see who’s the most popular Kpop female visual. 🙂 (Note: When a band had more visuals we chose one of them, mostly based on the popularity vote, so please be understanding.) You can vote up to 3 idols.

Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Sunmi (Wonder Girls)

Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)

Hara (Kara)

Dara (2NE1)

Krystal ( f(x) )

Nana (After School)

Jihyun (4Minute)

Sunhwa (Secret)

Jiyeon (T-Ara)

Yura (Girl’s Day)


Suzy (Miss A)


Naeun (APink)

Junghwa (EXID)

Ellin (Crayon Pop)

Hyejeong (AOA)


Haeryung (BESTie)

Solbin (Laboum)

Jiae (Lovelyz)

Nahyun (Sonamoo)


Irene (Red Velvet)

Yujin (CLC)

Jenny (DIA)

Sowon (GFriend)

Tzuyu (Twice)

Bona (Cosmic Girls)

Hana (Gugudan)

Doyeon (I.O.I)

Jisoo (BlackPink)

SuA (Dreamcatcher)

Most popular Kpop visual? (Female version)

Which is your favorite K-pop female visual idol? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Kinamon

    To me Irene is the prettiest!

  • Balaaaaaa

    Of course yoona is the goddess of kpop pls go check the news she is known as the ideal type of many…urgh just becuz there r alot of new faces u forget the face and group that made kpop well known around the whole world pls appreciate their efforts all this while…!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    Solbin (Laboum) looks so pretty.

  • one

    they all look sooooooooooooooooo beautiful but I guess I’m voting for:

    oh so difficult to chose 🙂

  • nobu

    i love sana and momo the most but we have tzuyu here.. twice is the prettiest.

  • xxxbadgirlxxx

    sandara park 👍❤️

  • Wey

    I guess Seolhyun gets my vote. So hard to choose. I browsed all the pics at least 3 times. 😀

  • Uimo

    Dara is so pretty!

  • RAWR :3

    She is pretty, please give Laboum a look! Solbin isn’t my visual in Laboum tho xD

  • RAWR :3

    Yura; SO HOT <3
    IU: Cute af
    Jenny; Gorgeous visual (prettier than Chaeyeon by far) but also 4th best singer in the group!
    I liked several of these bands more than Girls' day, IU and DIA, but most of them have these fake visuals that I think look plain af. All visuals look either something like Solbin from Laboum, or they are something like Seolhyun or Tzuyu, and a few are people like Yoona.

  • Wey

    What’s your problem? O_O That is MY OPINION!!!

  • Cassie

    i think hana from gugudan is the prettiest.she just gives out the princess aura and the way she carries herself around shows that she might be a nice person too

  • AIVA

    SOLAR !!!! she is a great leader and have strong vocal… our yeba!!!!

  • kookie

    hardest time choosing between yoona, tzuyu, hara, irene, seolhyun, & jisoo!!
    all so pretty, they’re the visuals for a reason 🙂

  • Mie

    My votes go for Irene, Tzuyu and Yoona.

  • Nerag efad

    Bona is the prettiest out of all of them to me, most pope, are just voting based on their bias group or favorite person than the actual best visual.

  • RAWR :3

    she IS plain.

  • yo

    IU! so sweet and pretty!

  • qao
  • Cinnamon

    Jenny from DIA is pretty! Didn’t know about her till I saw this poll.

  • Ria

    Go Hara for me

  • My favourite is actually Mijoo from Lovelyz hehe ^^ also Oh My Girl’s MiMi~

  • Jisoo Black Pink is so pretty she got my vote

  • cutebitch

    jisoo is very pretty <3

  • Maggie Xiong

    I <3 Jisoo. She is a great dancer. Like she is so kind-hearted. Some of the other members are just plain and has nothing special on them. Jisoo took my vote. I think she is the prettiest out of all of the other people in the poll. Like Tzuyu, Naeun, and a lot of others have a kind heart but i also think those people are just plain. I dont like people who are so sexy like idk, Tzuyu and Jiyeon. I like people who has natural faces like all of blackpink. I just love Jisoo. She makes me laugh. Even at weekly idol, when she tried to dance to "Good Boy" by D-Dragon(Bigbang) and Taeyang(Bigbang). I think Jisoo is the best. I just love all of her commercials, M/V's, and even acting in "Producers." I think Jisoo is loving and caring. Check out my instagram, @blackpinkofficial and @blackpinkjisoo16

  • Kpop’ s Jams


  • Kpop’ s Jams

    Does it matter obviously they think the person from their bias group is the prettiest it is just natural! If your bias from a group was here if they I’m sorry this is bad example then.. but wouldn’t you vote for her?

  • Kpop’ s Jams

    That is mean lol

  • Amber Kiong

    Tzuyu ^.^

  • Chit tay12
  • Chit tay12
  • Chit tay12
  • Chit tay12
  • Chit tay12
  • Irisha Nur Raditya

    no offense but some of them get a plastic surgery, just saying

  • Lahelia

    Sorry but SinB is the face of the group and Yerin is the visual in GFriend!

  • Chit tay12

    Can you make a profile for Park Shin Hye?

  • KProfiles

    Yes, we’ll do it. 🙂

  • Chit tay12

    Thank you

  • Taelyn Parker

    Dreamcatcher visual is actually JI U…..not SuA.

  • Blueee

    Isn’t it Gahyeon too?

  • Taelyn Parker

    Gahyeon/SUA is not the visual she’s the face of the group. The visual is different from the FOTG.



  • Mamoon Rasheed Shaik

    As I am a great fan of Chou Tzuyu I feel like she is the most beautiful visual of all


    Dara, yoona irene the best visual and much people said they no plastic surgery.

  • Qendresa Zhuta

    Tzuyu ❤

  • Chit tay12

    Yoona had plastic surgery.

  • artic


  • analyn pautan

    naeun and suzy

  • 『 아싸! 』

    yep ,, didnt expect SUA to be this popular though … dreamcatcher fighting!

  • rechel

    WJSN visual is Cheng Xiao
    IOI visual is Somi
    GUGUDAN visual is Sejeong

  • Shin Seulsoo

    dara had no plastic surgery
    you can check out of her photos since she was little

  • Jernia Tarak

    Ireneee slays….. queen of visual for me😍😍😍

  • Ranceia

    WJSN’s visual is Bona while Cheng Xiao is a/the Face of the Group(Which is different from Visual.but Cheng Xiao is also included in the visual line) IOI’s visual is Doyeon(I thought it was Pinky or Chaeyeon.The three is in the visual line but Somi is the Face of the Group and Center,”not” the visual.Gugudan’s visual is Hana and like the idols you said that were visuals,Sejeong is the Face of the Group. Just to clarify things ( I hope you dont get offended >~<) Visual is the "best-looking" for Korean standards.While FOTG is the most popular one Or possibly the ones that always standout . 🙂

  • Ranceia

    Well some participated in P101.I guess being a participant has its perks :3


    Hani turns me on

  • throughStars

    IOI Visual is PINKY.

  • Ranceia

    Ummm, I don’t really know since there are 3 of them xD

  • Jennie Jackson

    Elkie isn’t the official Visual, Yujin is the visual and would have been better suited honestly. Seunghee as well.

  • Primadonna ELVIS

    Seolhyun isn’t AOA’s visual, she is the face of the group! The visual is Hyejeong.

  • Hossein Taheri

    Tzuyu of course!

  • Evan dimpu

    Naeun and dara

  • oxyjennie

    same for me including suzy and iu (even tho she is not in a group)

  • Jiyeonie

    Jiyeon 😍🐊💕

  • legitpotato

    Jisoo has vv beautiful visuals !!! But she is more of the South Korean visual and ideal type . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/34fb888aa358458576a50a2de04f47f2ff7fb6a77a2921b18c9fc6f9b6273e16.gif
    Tzuyu is Taiwanese so she does stand out in K-Pop! She is also vv pretty and I love her and TWICE . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/de5a060e73190126f0776b7fe7efc3760422575b6516b0bd0871a29834e0e209.jpg
    Jiyeon of T-Ara to me doesn’t deserve first place because I believe that, yes she is pretty but she looks like she has gotten a lot of plastic surgery. This isn’t meant to hate on T-Ara and I do agree that she is pretty but I don’t think she deserves first place . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93b22b8df6b2dade8e227332bae79a3319950aff1f7a3b6784cf8574a52d3b45.jpg

    Irene of Red Velvet looks so pretty !! I’m suprised she was 6th place. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/98b8db34e3a369142b29a74a4bdaa68631bc73e8f1062f7162dd5c4fbaf32cf6.png

  • Diadem

    Do you want me to show you jiyeon’s photos when she’s still a kid?

  • Diadem

    Do you want me to show you jiyeon’s photos when she’s still a child? 🙃😌

  • Panda on the Loose

    dara and jisoo didn’t and can be proven 😊

  • shane

    & JISOO 🙂

  • Kayzel

    Tzuyu is so gorgeous!!!

  • Se

    TZUYU ❤
    but I think Girl’s day is minah, sistar bora/hyorin, ioi somi, gfriend shinb/yerin, AOA seolhyun, blackpink jisoo/lisa?
    The visual is always the pretty face or good person

  • m.s

    Jisoo ❤



  • Stacie Halley

    Tzuyu :* IU and Jisoo I Love Yeah All

  • Lisa He

    That’s why she said “some of them”

  • Zviploversgdy

    not!, Yoona had confirmed to be a natural beauty in public, even doctors and press confirmed that yoona is one of the few k- beauty celebrities with natural beauty 100%. YOONA was named as the QUEEN of NATURAL BEAUTY!, Yoona was chosen #1 as the BEST golden ratio face, (You need to be a complet natural beauty for to be among best golden ratio face, well)

  • Zviploversgdy


  • armysugar

    ofc, Yoona is the Queen Visual of Kpop. she always at top for more than 9-10 long years , Queen YOONA is LEGEND.

  • Endless Sunshine

    ShinB From Gfriend(yeochin)

  • Pitra Agung

    Bona for the win <333333333333

  • Chou James

    Tzuyu just keeps me alive <3

  • Gretchen

    Unfortunately it’s not Minah. A lot of people think she’s ugly

  • Gretchen

    Isn’t Gfriend’s visual Sowon? (I adore Sinb but I thought she was just the main dancer)

  • Ena Estanda

    yoona and irene 🙂

  • Jerry Salim

    woi mau vote.. cemana


    EXID’s visual is Jeonghwa, Hani is just the face of the group.

  • Jennelyn Bautista

    Tzuyu is so pretty…


    Tzuyu slays with her visual. Please replace her picture with a https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/82723c3da789d7b3ce25e3c858c928acfffb345e9877c0543cd2b2c2c020c879.png prettier one please😊 like this one

  • Kelsey

    DreamCatcher’s visual is JiU. And MAMAMOO doesn’t have one


    Why is the visual here is Sowon? Many web says Sinb is the main dancer and the visual too

  • tune

    because Sowon is the visual. look at GFRIEND’s profile. there in comments are even screen shots from TV shows where she was introduced as GFRIEND’s visual.
    at first many thought that SinB is the visual but the company promotes Sowon as the visual.

  • john nico cumigad

    No other than……. The NATION’S IDEAL TYPE.

  • Beeyeon Ahn
  • Sasseumi (Goddess&Angel)

    when it comes to Votings where YOONA is Nominated..She’s always put at First..OH
    QUEENS.!! ohh By The Way,i really thought that HANI is the VISUAL of EXID,I was wrong thou..its actually JUNGHWA.

  • Sasseumi (Goddess&Angel)
  • Beeyeon Ahn

    Yeah Hani is actually the Face (like the popular one). But Jeonghwa is the visual. She’s really known for her cute round small face and “hot body” (one of he nicknames is actually Hot Body). Hani and Jeonghwa are the visual line, though.

  • Jordan

    Solar is mamamoo’s visual :v

  • Jordan

    I thought ioi’s visual is pinky? :v


    consider: literally any of the LOOΠ∆ girls they’re all so beautiful and i’m so gay damn
    here’s LOOΠ∆ 1/3 witness their beauty and weep with me https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2b288285f7c34162d3a09841089045f8ddf229755b4118a1cffb6fda2a167283.jpg

  • Nandri Christine

    jisoo blackpink

  • Twice 05

    I thot Momo(Twice) will be there XD

  • Twice 05

    Love the pic ❤

  • Beeyeon Ahn

    Jisoo and Jeonghwa are both my faves because their personalities are both so crazy. I feel like Jisoo would get along with EXID really well, mainly Hyelin. 😂

  • Rania

    That’s because only the visuals of each band are in this list.

  • KProfiles

    The photo has been replaced! 🙂

  • Christa Chavriya

    sowon is not the visual.Sinb is the visual,she’s even 8th in the list of 10 kpop visuals.koreans prefer her

  • Christa Chavriya

    SinB is the visual of gfriend,not sowon

  • Balqis

    Sowon is the visual of griend. SinB is the fotg of gfriend

  • Marty Ian Quirante

    dara is the best visual, her beauty is timeless and !!!!! there’s no mark of plastic surgery ! dara noona is <3

  • Tt

    Sowon slays with her beauty can you change her picture to that she wearing a black dress for arena magazine

  • Ams Brooker

    Wait if im not mistaken was Naeyoung not the visual of Twice? No hate to Tzuyu shes beautiful but I always thought Naeyoung was the visual could someone please clear this up for me?

  • Beeyeon Ahn

    Nayeon* is the visual. Tzuyu is more like the Face. Lots of people seem to think it’s Tzuyu though, because her beauty is really popular.

  • Beeyeon Ahn

    Yeah sorry but I think TWICE’s visual is Nayeon and not Tzuyu. They were asked on Sister Slam Dunk who the visual was and they all looked at Nayeon and Nayeon went up against Sister Slam Dunk’s visual.

  • Gabriel Paixão

    Hyorin is third or fourth in terms of Visual in Sistar (Bora and Soyou are definitely above her). IOI’s visual line is Doyeon, Pinky and Chaeyeon. Gfriend’s visual line is Sowon and SinB, but Sowon is promoted as the visual, and SinB as the Main Dancer. Seolhyun is the face of AOA (most popular), but Hyejeong is the visual.

  • Yokira

    I’m sorry but you’re wrong! Nayeon is Twice’s Center and Tzuyu is Twice’s Visual, she was even included in The Most Beautiful Faces of 2016. Maybe the translation was wrong. Or maybe they sent Nayeon because she’s definitely more competitive, but Tzuyu is Twice’s visual.
    Even popular Korean stars like Lee Hyori publicly praised Tzuyu’s beauty. She is known for having one of the best visuals in Kpop.

  • Yokira

    Tzuyu is Twice’s official Visual. Nayeon is the Center. That’s a big difference.

  • Ture

    Sowon is the Visual promoted by GFRIEND.
    SinB is promoted as a Main Dancer.

  • Charlene Cachero
  • Park Sooyoung
  • Beeyeon Ahn

    Oh okay lol I believe you. The translation wasn’t wrong though lol they asked “who’s in charge of visuals in TWICE” and everyone pointed to Nayeon. Maybe they pointed to Nayeon because she fit the more standard beauty and she was going against their visual in their group who had the same type of visuals. Also no offense but that doesn’t always prove anything, there are a lot of people who aren’t the visuals of their group bur are praised for their beauty, even way more than the visuals of the group they’re in sometimes. Seulgi and Hani being big examples. I believe you, I’m just saying that’s not always the best argument.

  • Maram Bahri

    Suzy miss a the most beautiful

  • AiSwArYa vs

    Yoona,Dara,Jisoo …..no doubt about that
    Btw Eugene from S.E.S should be included…..in that case she’ll be the most beautiful one

  • Danai❤

    Yoona ❤

  • Danai❤

    Yoona of Girls Generation❤

  • ライ

    None of the members of Dreamcatcher participated in P101 though…?

  • Park Jieun
  • loserville

    for me, either SuA, Irene or Sunmi!!!!!

  • Park Jieun

    Sua,Yujin and Bona

  • Kpop’ s Jams

    Jisoo(blackpink), Krystal(f(x) and Dara(2ne1)

  • Park Jieun
  • Feryo Kpop

    I love it♥

  • Feryo Kpop

    Yessss, EUGENE♥

  • Feryo Kpop


  • Feryo Kpop
  • Feryo Kpop


  • Feryo Kpop
  • Feryo Kpop
  • shreya

    pinky is also a visual and doyeon also

  • nari


  • Maiara De Castro Papetti

    i might be wrong but, as far as i know, seolhyun is the visual of aoa and jiu is the visual of dreamcatcher, isn’t that right?

  • vika

    the official visual of AOA is Hyejeong but Seolhyun is more popular so many people mistake her as the visual ^_^

  • Maiara De Castro Papetti

    oh, i see… thank you so much!! ^-^

  • Kpop’ s Jams

    Although Bom is a close second!!

  • Merucchi

    Queen Dara with beautiful face and personality

  • Jennie

    Yoona <3

  • Monkey D. Nami

    I can’t choose between Suzy, Tzuyu and Irene all three are beautiful and my biases

  • Melissa

    I can’t choose between Irene,Sowon,Jisoo and Tzuyu,there all my biases

  • Abbygail Kim

    Correction, JiU is the visual of DREAMCATCHER, not SuA

  • Franz Damasco

    isn’t twice visual nayeon?

  • ChimChim

    Jisoo and Tzuyu!! 💕

  • zainab saad

    suA isn’t the visual pf the group but yeah anyway i’ll choose her as she’s ma bias ❤

  • inspired anxiety

    doyeon is currently in weki meki….(though i get why you put her under ioi since she is more known for being in ioi other than wm)

  • Bts TaeJin

    i love naeun

  • Hitomi

    Gain <3

  • Zhayrill Araujo
  • 여세빈


  • Kai

    I think they did mistranslate that part. They brought out the unnies center min hyorin afterwards.im pretty sure Tiffany was the visual.

  • Beeyeon Ahn

    When did they call Tiffany visual? Not disbelieving but I just don’t remember and it isn’t a mistranslation the word for visual is 비주얼 and it’s across the bottom too so even if you can’t catch it listening (they also say visual it’s pronounced bijueol) you can see it in the Korean subtitles

  • 에이미

    I KNOW RIGHT?! Nana is so damn beautiful. I voted for Suzy, Nana and IU.

  • 여세빈


  • Spongebobeeshia Kisha Tractenb

    All are beautiful inside and outside.
    The Korean beauty standards are ridiculous.

  • Abigail Secapuri

    I love jisoo unnie she’s so damn beautiful 🙂

  • iivxx

    jiyeon is the true visual…. i mean just look at her votes! despite t-ara’s disband and snsd/twice having strong fandom.. jiyeon still get 1st……………..

  • Megan Hunter
  • Lee Seulbi

    Not anymore

  • Daeena


  • Beeyeon Ahn

    you jinxed her

  • yeni


  • Nguyễn Ngọc Nhật Hạ

    JungHwa EXID 💚

  • OFF

    Jisoo is so ugly people are just biased compared to other idols she is not that beautiful.

  • Pommier

    wow Jiyeon still on top !

  • Røse

    If you only want to comment hate then dont say nothing

  • polar

    Most visual 2018 is irine, tsuyu and nancy if she on list..

  • JCJK

    But you are the most ugly in the whole world

  • Jerick Adrian Mosquete

    T-Ara hasn’t disbanded yet.

  • Jerick Adrian Mosquete

    Nayeon is just the center but the visual is Tzuyu

  • Lee Yoo Ri

    Not a Kpop fan but i have seen some music videos (neutral). For me the artist that immediately makes me go “wow this girl is gorgeous” is Tiffany from GG and also Jun Hyo Song in “Find Me” MV. The others whose looks stands out fairly obvious from their group is Suzy A and Jisoo. Nayeon from Twice looks cute too.

  • Soyoung Park

    Compared to you, she’s a goddess

  • Soyoung Park


  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Not anymore Jisoo is 1st

  • Min Suga

    I love Jisoo

  • Queen of Goddesses

    Jisoo, IU and Irene are total goddess.

  • Khairil Irwandy

    Daraa still the visual queen
    She look pretty even on weirdo hairstyle like gimbap hair…..frizzball hair and poodle hair!!!!
    Just my opinion

  • Momoland
  • Momoland


  • Momoland

    Excuse me, I’m Dr. MLD I suggest visting E.O. Your eyes need to be checked! Have the worst day of your life! And have you checked your mirror? You might see a monster when you look at it!

  • Momoland


  • Momoland

    It was confirmed that Yeonwoo was the actual visual while Nancy is just a visual liner

  • Momoland


  • Momoland
  • lalisa bravo

    dude she is not ugly why the hell in their right mind would they choose jisoo as a visual if she was ugly

  • Balsilog

    Tbh Yuna of Itzy is gonna surpass them this year

  • Kim Joo Ron

    jiyeon is still number and that’s that

  • Kim Joo Ron

    T-ara hasn’t disband yet

  • Kim Joo Ron

    Jiyeon is the most beautiful. even though she’s not that active like other group, she still maintain the top three and is always number 1.

  • Kim Joo Ron

    isn’t IU a soloist?

  • Running Girl

    GG4EVER SONE4EVER❤❤❤ Yoona is my babe❤❤❤

  • Jisoo Visual

    Vote for Jisoo please…She is better than the other.

  • fufufu

    Jiwon from Cherry Bullet please!! She’s absolutely stunning <333

  • Abby

    All of them are prettyyy

  • LouisFib

    I know but I love Jisoo so much so there is no pretty girl except Jisoo.